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Ancient Relics or a Blast from the Past

Allow me to share something old. Something made of gold. Well.. not quite, its just paper.


My 10X CDROM and the Sound Blaster 16 User's Manual with some 3DFX Blaster Voodoo 2 advertising.


My Pentium 166 instruction flyer


Millennium G450 and 9800PRO User's Manual


The BIG CHUNKY DOS Windows & 6.22 plus Windows 95 Books


1997 and they still have 486 available brand new for just 125€ (not adjusted for inflation)
C&C Red Alert just released


Two magazines telling 2 stories, The G400 ruled over NVidia's TNT2 and AthlonXP crushed Pentium 4



The Englishman
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Adept II

oh man ... now i want to find an old Tandy to play with again LOL

Adept III

I wish I kept a few older items from my past. I was moving from place to place often over the years so keeping items such as those didn't seem reasonable. Thanks for sharing blasts from the past!

Volunteer Moderator

Love the collection. Brings back some memories. Unfortunately, I did not have the forethought to save anything. Now I'm kicking myself.

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Yeh.  It's obsolete, get rid of it.  🙄  I think every one of us are guilty of that.


Here are a few oldies to go along with a couple of those manuals.

Windows NT V 4.0Windows NT V 4.0



MSDOS V 6.0MSDOS V 6.0MSDOS v 6.22MSDOS v 6.22


Easy Script 64Easy Script 64


Windows 3.11Windows 3.11A blurry Windows 3.0A blurry Windows 3.0

 Now I still have the laptop that the Windows 3.0 came on.  The battery is so dead that you have to use the power adapter and reset the bios every time you want to use it.  But, it does work.  The maximum RAM is still in MB and I don't remember what the CPU is.  It's a Gateway 2000 with a rewritable CD ROM drive and 3.5 FDD.

A very nice computer.  Just OLD, like me.


My dad is the one who got me into PC building, and I can still remember how excited he was to get the 9800 Pro.


Great card for it's time.  Bought my son one when they first hit the market.  Had to upgrade it when Crysis appeared on the scene.  

Was yours an AGP or PCI card.  Mine was an AGP and it sit in my closet for all those years and my thoughts were it was completely obsolete and recycled it about 4-5 months ago.  Regretted it ever since.

It was AGP. I called him just to make sure lol

Not sure what happened to it.

Adept III

I wish I would have kept my TI 99/4a, Apple IIe, Apple III, and my Amiga(s).


I kept 2 Commodore 64 a Commodore 128 and a Commodore 128D.

I sold the 64's dirt cheap many years ago, but the 128's perhaps 4 years ago.  Actually my sister-in-law did the selling on Ebay, so I gave her a good commission for her efforts.  They both included FDD + monitor.  Worked fine and she actually did quite well.

Hind site is 20:20.LOL 

Its 2000 again. You need to Upgrade!!


Don't forget the Overclocking tutorials


They said this is the best game ever and ever and ever...


How about two from 94 and one from 98?



The Englishman
Adept III

so cool!!!

Adam J Martin

All said and done, what about the Y2K crash that was going to send us ???.  All of the money wasted on that fiasco.

Spent that night playing XCOM UFO. The world never ended... 

... I saved it from the alien menace. 

We all good! 

The Englishman

I stayed up and watched the Sydney and Melbourne New Year Celebrations since they would be the first to see if all the lights were going out.  What a disappointment, nothing happened.😥


I had that Soundblaster. Sound Cards were like the big thing back in the day, now no longer seen. I remember when I got an AMD Athlon 900mhz it blew away the Intel competition...those were fun computer times. I should have kept those documents from all the upgrades I had over the years. I also had a bunch of the dial up modems just  from 2.4 then 14.4/ 33,6/ i should have kept some of my antiques...oh well.