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AMD misrepresented RX7900 performance levels and has majo issues with performance and stability

The gpu on average performs only 34 % better than the 6950XT. due to poor silicon quality on the A0 stepping used on the RX7900XTS and RX7900XT. This was known by AMD well before release of the gpu but they did not wish to delay release to fix the issues. One major issue is shader prefetch which impacts overall performance by at least 5%. There are also some stability issues due to the silicon. I want an honest answer from AMD why rhe lied to us and are acting more like Nvidia with deceptions to the customer base. I want to know when corrected silicon will be released. AND cherrypicked the games they tested to make it seem that on average we would see 50% oerfornance gains. With only a 34% improvement the 7900XTS is not worth $999 but more like $800. This card should have been 7800XTS it is not much different than a RTX 4080 which also has better ray tracing performance. There is no value in this purchase.

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