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Maya ProRender Plugin Q1 Beta Builds

Maya ProRender Plugin Q1 Beta Builds


Greetings all!  We have some exciting updates to the Radeon ProRender plugin for Maya we want to share with you all.  And as always we are looking for feedback based on your testing.   Here are the big items:

Ornatrix Hair support:

Esphere's Ornatrix hair plugin for Maya is a great tool for creating and grooming hair looks:  Ornatrix Maya   Free to try.  We added support for rendering the hair in the plugin.  Simply create the hair with their tool and it will be translated at render time.

Installers cleaned up.
Similar to the blender plugin installer, we no longer prompt for OpenCL support in the installer, if there is no OpenCL device, it will show in the plugin device settings

RPR Lights show in the Maya Light Editor and HyperShade

Maya 2020 support

Many updated shader nodes.  More Maya shader nodes are support and return better results 

OpenVDB volume node - 
Create an OpenVDB volume object and import a VDB file for rendering volumes.

New features:

  • Support for esphere's Ornatrix Hair plugin
  • Maya 2020 support
  • Add support for tapered width curves/hair for xgen
  • RPR Light parameters show in the Light Editor and Hypershade
  • Various Render settings UI changes:
    • Tiled Rendering is moved to sampling tab
    • Adaptive sampling settings is separate for Final and Viewport Rendering
    • "Completion Criteria" Settings are renamed to "Sampling Settings"
    • Default for max time is 0 (no max time, rather use max samples by default)
    • Hybrid rendering is disabled in the UI for macOS
  • Updated flags for command line render

    • -stmp - to enable or disable render stamp

    • -devc - to choose render device. Format is "gpu1;cpu"

    • Example: render.exe -r FireRender -of "jpg" -im "test3" -stmp 1 -devc "gpu1;cpu" arealight_test1.mb will enable render stamp and enable first GPU and disable CPU.

  • A color option has been added to the IBL node instead of just a map
  • RPR file export respects maya frame padding options
  • Optimization and feedback of progress with GLTF export
  • Shading nodes updates:
    • Added lookup types to RPR Lookup Node
      • Outgoing Vector
      • Object position
      • Vertex Color
      • Random (per object) color
    • Support for separate U and V coordinate to Texture Node input.
    • File Texture node supports alpha and "Alpha is luminance" for outputs
    • Maya Blend node order is corrected (was backwards)
    • Add support for maya clamp node
    • Place2DTexture node Coverage (u and v) parameters are respected
    • Support for Maya Bump2D node
    • Add support for Maya Gamma Correct Node
    • Add support for Blend 2 Attr Node
    • Add support for Texture projection node for texture inputs.  Note u,vAngle parameters do not work yet
    • Ramp node now works with arithmetic node inputs
  • Added an option to select camera with .rpr export
  • Camera Motion blur is now supported
  • Add support to load OpenVDB volumes with a new node “RPR Volume”
  • Add Sheen to Uber material


  • Fix for random crashes on macOS
  • Fix a crash when disconnecting Uber material to a blend node
  • Fixed a crash when applying a density mask to xgen hair
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if a final render is started while viewport rendering is running
  • Fixed an error that imported .fbx files could cause empty meshes and crash RPR
  • Fixed an issue with black square artifacts when doing viewport renders with adaptive sampling.
  • Fixed an crash of batch rendering with OpenEXR output
  • Fixed Denoising with Tiled Rendering
  • When moving an area light in IPR, the area width setting was not respected.
  • XGen guide hairs are no longer rendered
  • IES lights work on macOS
  • Fix Area light to match Maya software renderer better.  
  • Multiple file references to the same file now render each instead of just once
  • Handle area light size of 0 correctly
  • IPR changes to hair are correctly updated
  • Removed the hard limit on # of frames to export in .rpr format
  • GLTF export takes into account frame start and end time
  • RPR export works correctly for the file name if single frame used
  • Gamma is no longer set if tonemapping is used (they are redundant)
  • Pressing “Escape” while rendering should cancel the render faster
  • When .rpr file is exported, the correct Ornatrix Hair setting (Preview vs Render) is used to give the correct number of hairs
  • Export correct frame when .rpr export is done with frame animation mode set to “DG”
  • Quell excessive error messages in Hybrid modes
  • Adaptive sampling is improved
  • Fix AOVs in Maya 2020 Viewport
  • Fix issues with setting Color, Weight, Transparency with the Shadow Catcher material
  • Fix error messages if min > max in displacement node settings
  • Arithmetic nodes plugged into color ramps now work correctly

macOS: RadeonProRenderMaya_2.8.77.dmg 

Windows: RadeonProRenderMaya_2.8.44.msi 


the convert scripts are missing in the latest installation



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