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Journeyman III

I think skin subsurface doesn't work in maya.


I want to make skin shader using subsurface but it looks like doesn't work.

and tutorial using maya doesn't exist. so I studied tutorial for blend. 

But it's a little bit different with maya. 

When I tested the subsurface material, it work like opacity material. 

If subsurface intensity is 0, it's disappeared and If subsurface intensity is 0.5, it looks like Translucent. 

also, When the subsurface tap is checked using Uber material, It looks like doesn't work. I mean I can't see it change. so I switched Backscattering weight 1, it looks as applied, but the color is more darken. and when I check a pass, subsurface, anything doesn't see.. 

how do I get subsurface shader......? 

I rendered rpr 2 engine and render quality is full. 

I hope to get your answers..please...! 

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Re: I think skin subsurface doesn't work in maya.


Currently, SSS settings are not supported in Northstar (RPR 2.0).
To use SSS, you will need to switch to RPR 1.0. Support for this feature in RPR 2.0 should be coming soon