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I am getting an error when the render is done

These are the problem i am having with Pro render for maya i hope you guys can help me out .

  1. I get this error when the render is done .please let me know if some one know how to fix this .when the scene get complicated and i render it crashes after the render is done .but when i put just a cube and render it reders fine with no problem i dont get the crashes .
  2. When i change the render quality to high which uses the Vulcan and ray tracing and start a production render it gives me an error straight up .it does not render at all .
  3. In view port rendering the only render that works is the full render .high low medium do not work when i switch to them i get errors .

I have provided a scene that crashes every time i render .

This is my computer specs 

Radeon Pro Software Version - 19.Q4.1
Radeon Pro Software Edition - Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Edition
Graphics Chipset - AMD FirePro W7100
Memory Size - 8192 MB
Memory Type - GDDR5
Core Clock - 920 MHz
Windows Version - Windows 10 (64 bit)
System Memory - 36 GB
CPU Type - Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5650 @ 2.67GHz

This is the error i get when the render finishes and crashes fatal error. attempting to save in c /users/appdata/local/temp/

I have attached a scene that crashes every time i render .thanks .

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I was able to confirm the issue you are facing with the latest release build. This should be fixed on the next release. 

The reason this error was occurring RPR Viewport render was running when trying to run Production render. for now for a workaround disable Viewport render when you are ready to use Production or IPR 

Thanks very much the workaround worked an i really appreciate it thanks again.