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Adept I

Batch rendering a scene results has issues with parenting.

This is more of a bug report, but I'm trying to render a simple turn table of an object. I've set the scene up using all Pro Render lights and materials (pbr) and have a locator which rotates the number of degrees over the time that I want. I reference in an object and parent the object to the locator to inherit the turn motion. Everything works fine until I try to do a batch render either through Maya or using export to backburner. First, it only uses CPU to render, and secondly, if I have a task size of 2 frames, it will render the first frame and then the second frame. BUT when it moves to the second task of frames 3 and 4, it renders frame 1 again, and the second frame it renders is 3 (I think, its either 3 or 4). The point is, it doesnt sequentially render the frames properly. 

I did try parent constraining the object to the locator and that fixed the problem, but I can foresee this being an issue when I get into real production. 

Using windows 10

Maya 2018.6 

Intel i9

RTX 2070

64 gb ram

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Hi Tom,

I can confirm that batch rendering the incorrect frames.I will send this information to developers