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Take a Test Drive in the AMD Accelerator Cloud

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The new AMD Accelerator Cloud (AAC)  is a private cloud environment that enables customers to remotely access and use AMD EPYC™ CPUs, AMD Instinct™ GPUs and AMD ROCm™ technologies to experience the power of AMD hardware and software — along with all the possibilities that come with it. The AMD Accelerator Cloud makes it easy for prospective buyers to test and evaluate AMD Instinct accelerators with the latest AMD ROCm software to help ensure that they are the right fit for their workloads.

Try It Before You Buy It

We recognize that hardware is a significant investment for your company, so it’s important that you know for certain that your workloads and applications will perform at scale before going all in. The AAC is designed to alleviate many of those potential lingering questions by offering customers an environment to try their code on AMD Instinct accelerators and AMD ROCm software to see how it performs. Whether it’s porting legacy code, benchmarking an application or testing multi-GPU or multi-node scaling, the AMD Accelerator Cloud gives you the tools to make a confident decision.

Live, Interactive Training & Demos

The AMD Accelerator Cloud will also power various events such as hackathons and ROCm training sessions offered to both existing and prospective customers, allowing developers to hone their skills and learn how to get the most out of AMD Instinct accelerators.  Customers may also request private hackathon and training events to be run at scale using the AAC.

Streamlined User Experience

After being given access to the AMD Accelerator Cloud, users will be able to request access to a variety of node configurations with a range of AMD Instinct accelerator options.  The user can select the desired operating system, ROCm version and directly install their preferred applications for testing or development.  As we expand the AAC in the coming months, customers will be able to access a broader range of system types and GPUs, including the latest MI200 series accelerators.

Try It For Yourself

The AMD Accelerator Cloud is the key to tomorrow’s breakthroughs and innovations.

Get Started and Request Access on the AAC Today


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Sydney Freeman covers Product Marketing for AMD Instinct GPUs and the ROCm open software platform. Her postings are her own opinions and may not represent AMD’s positions, strategies or opinions. Links to third party sites are provided for convenience and unless explicitly stated, AMD is not responsible for the contents of such linked sites and no endorsement is implied.


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