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Running Scientific Applications on AMD Instinct™ Accelerators Just Got Easier

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AMD Instinct™ accelerators supercharge workloads to propel new discoveries. At AMD, we recognize that combining these GPUs with the right software in an open environment helps speed innovation. That’s why we created the AMD Infinity Hub. Whether you are a developer or end-user, the hub is the location to find the latest open-source software ported and optimized on AMD Instinct GPUs.

What’s on the Hub

The AMD Infinity Hub hosts a collection of GPU-accelerated software for high performance computing (HPC) and AI & machine learning (ML) workloads. Packaged into easy-to-download containers, these applications and frameworks, along with detailed deployment guides are readily available in a single location to help researchers, scientists, and engineers accelerate time to science.

  • Access to optimized software. Get performance-tuned containers or access the latest code repositories supporting AMD Instinct accelerators, featuring top HPC applications such as AMBER, Chroma, CP2K, GROMACS, NAMD, OpenMM, and more. In addition, download AMD developed AI & machine learning containers for leading PyTorch and TensorFlow frameworks with the latest ROCm™ MIOpen libraries. The new Infinity Hub catalog provides access to a collection of optimized, easy-to-deploy software, and it will continue to evolve over time with additional application, framework and SDK containers to bring you a broad ROCm ecosystem supporting AMD Instinct GPUs.
  • Faster Time-to-Science thru simplified deployments.  By using containers provided on the AMD Infinity Hub, you can simplify the complexity of obtaining and configuring the latest software releases and deploy systems faster. Infinity Hub containers support popular Singularity and Docker® deployment tools, so workloads can be easily deployed and scaled-out as needed. AMD is working to make it easier for you to stay up to date on software releases with quick access to software, so the focus can be on science and discovery. 
  • Stay up to date. Outdated software can limit access to new features and result in suboptimal performance. All containers located on the Hub provide easy access to fully-tested and optimized software releases—and regular upgrade processes are in place to ensure you have access to the latest ROCm software releases for your workload with container version control to help keep your systems and applications running at peak performance.
  • ROCm™ community forum. To help with software deployment issues and questions, AMD has launched a new ROCm Community which includes a focused Infinity Hub forum and ROCm Knowledge Base containing answers to frequently asked questions.

Learn more

To see the full list of available application and frameworks containers, visit the AMD Infinity Hub.

To learn more about the AMD ROCm™ open software platform, visit

To learn more about AMD Instinct™ accelerators and solutions, visit

If you are interested in AMD's AIER education and research initiative, visit   

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