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ULPS: How to disable

Anyone that has troubleshooted problems with AMD/ATI graphics card crossfire configurations will probably know about Ultra Low Power State (ULPS). ULPS is a sleep state that lowers the frequencies and voltages of non-primary cards in an attempt to save power. This holds true for single card users as well. The downside of ULPS is that is can cause performance loss and some crossfire instability. This also holds true for laptops with or without crossfire and can increase performance, but will use more battery power.

You can disable this feature manually by entering regedit , select EDIT at the top of the page , enter ULPS in the 'find what' box , then click 'find next' to search instances of of 'Enable ULPS' (there will be several with crossfire). Each time  a instance is found , change the default value of "1" to a "0" then at EDIT again choose 'find next' until there are no more. Change only the ones named "EnableULPS".

Important: Do not change the registry item 'EnableUlps_NA' ...leave it at it's current setting.

                 Installing new drivers will revert the settings to default...'1' = On.  Remember to repeat these steps after uninstalling/installing new drivers.


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