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Adept I

RX6000 RDNA2 issues with unstable FPS in many games


I bought a Powercolor 6900XT (reference design) a couple of weeks ago and was super happy that I was able to get one. I already bought a Asus RTX 3080 TUF before, but I wanted to have a full AMD built this time, so I put the 3080 in my second PC. I had no issues with the 3080 in my primary PC. All games ran just fine.

Before I describe my issue with the 6900XT, here are the specs of my PC

Gigabyte Aorus X570 Ultra BIOS ver. F32
Ryzen 7 5800X
Powercolor RX6900XT reference design Drv. 21.2.1
32GB DDR4 3600MHz CL16 RAM Dual Rank
Sabrent Rocket 1TB PCIe 4.0
Dell S2721DGF Monitor 2560x1440 165Hz Freesync/GSync

So my issue since I have installed the 6900XT are that my FPS are not very consistent in many games. I can run 3d mark time spy and firestrike extreme just fine and the scores are awesome, but in games the GPU doesn't perform like that.

Here is a list of games I tried:

COD Warzone (GPU load is topping out at 70 to 75%, GPU clocks below 2000MHz and jumps around, FPS drops from 140 to 90 even just standing still. Frametimes have regular spikes from 7ms to 35ms.

COD Black Ops Cold War (Very similar behaviour than Warzone, even on much smaller scale Gun Fight maps.)

DayZ (GPU load is very low, GPU clocks are fluctuating from 1600MHz to 2100MHz, FPS are ranging from 60 to 140FPS, just when looking around.)

Rise of the Tomb Raider (GPU load is a 99%, GPU clocks are stable around 2300MHz, FPS are mostly stable, but every 15 seconds I get a frame time spike to 35ms)

Rocket League (GPU load extremely low, FPS relatively high, frame time spikes to 35ms every now and then.)

GTAV (GPU load 99%, frames stable with the occasional spikes like in other games.)

Got frustrated and didn't play anymore games right now.

How is your experience with the 6000 series GPUs so far?

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Adept III

Re: RX6000 RDNA2 issues with unstable FPS in many games

DooM Eternal at 120FPS (capped... I always tend to cap my singleplayer games at 120 or 60 depending on situation per game to avoid unnecessary empty frame calculations over comfortable threshold) - no issues. 

Postal 4 - except it barely manages high 30s-low 40s in native 4K with everything maxed out and has to be lowered to 75% resolution - all dandy. 

Crysis Remastered - similar to P4 when RT is set to CIRC, just fine with RT off, no visible unreasonable drops.

Alan Wake - all fine, 120FPS capped. 

Crysis (original) - didn't really play it for long, just ran around for 20-30 mins, no critical drops (but there are fluctuations around 100 +/-20 FPS, but not without reason). 

FEAR - 120 capped. I'd be surprised otherwise. 

Radeon 6900XT from ASUS, reference design. Ryzen 7 5800X. ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi. Seasonic Prime TX-1000. Crucial Ballistix 2x32Gb kit 3200@3667 CL16. 

Adept I

Re: RX6000 RDNA2 issues with unstable FPS in many games

Asus rog z390f, i9900k, Asus TUF rx6900xt, samsung 16gb 2666ghz. The same problem with FPS in games.
Apex legends, Warzone, these games have fps below 150. Power consumption does not exceed 100 watts. I thought that my video card was defective, but it turns out that many have such a problem.

Journeyman III

Re: RX6000 RDNA2 issues with unstable FPS in many games

I‘ve got the same issues, especially in PubG (drops from 144 to 30 and back) Witcher 3, Warzone:

Already changed components because I thought this was caused by hardware defect.


Tried on

- MSI B450m mortar Max, 3700x, RX6800, 2x8GB 3600mhz crucial

- MSI B450m mortar Max, 5800x, RX6800, 2x8GB 3600mhz crucial

- MSI B550 Tomahawk, 5800x, RX6900 XT, 2x8GB 3600mhz crucial

- ASUS TUF X570 Gaming Plus, 5900x, RX6900 XT, 2x16GB 3600mhz crucial


Especially PubG is nearly unplayable because of the heavy drops. 

To my disappointment, games run smooth on all systems with ASUS 3070 TUF.