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Journeyman III

Radeon VII no display

    • Issue Description: So today started my pc up and no nothing. No bios splash screen no windows logo or anything. I did know that windows was loaded because of my lighting and fan speed changes. After long trying things reinstall graphics driver, ddu, swapping the gpu i found out that he doesn't show up in windows device manager when I place a second gpu my old rx 480 he show up and everything runs fine. No weird clocks or temps. And I didn't change anything in the last month. Everything is running at stock settings
    • Hardware:
      • Graphics card: Radeon VII
      • Second Graphics card: MSI rx480
      • CPU: I7 8700k
      • Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strixt z370-f
      • RAM: 16GB Gskill 3200 MHz CL16
      • PSU: Corsair hw750w
      • Monitor 1: Samsung C32HG70
      • Monitor 2: Benq g2412HD
    • Software:
      • Windows 10 64 bit  1903 18362.418
      • graphics driver 19.20
      • Latest motherboard BIOS version 2201
2 Replies

Re: Radeon VII no display

Have you tried any of the other video outputs in case the one you are using on the Radeon 7 is defective?

If you don't get any video output on any of the GPU video ports, you may want to open a Warranty Ticket and see if the Manufacturer's support site suggests RMA the Radeon 7.

Are you using the same cable for both the Radeon VII and the RX480?

Journeyman III

Re: Radeon VII no display

I just put the rx480 in and hooked the power up and no display out  and the VII works.

All the outputs are normaal no lag or weird things even my vr headset runs fine of the VII