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Journeyman III

Graphics Device Driver Error Code 31

Hello there AMD!

I have problem with my ACER Nitro 5 laptop (bought on 2020) with this occurring Error Code 31 that I am experiencing.
It all started, when I was playing games that are typically not a AAA Games, (Crusader Kings 3, Stellaris, War Thunder, SWTOR, Skyrim, Kerbal Space Program and Cold Waters mainly with a respectable graphics setting when I run it). I still remember those games were running very smoothly, until probably late September 2022. I noticed some of my games are not that smooth, you know it started to get slower, sometimes it freezes here and there. And let me tell you about the specs my ACER Nitro 5 has...

Its... Radeon RX 560 and AMD Radeon(TM) RX Vega 10 Graphics




Now when I run my games, it started to go slow or it constantly freezing or lagging real time when I play games. So, I reckon, I probably got Malware or a Virus, but I constantly checked Widows 10's security and everything seemed normal and my system is not corrupted. So basically I still thought its a very "evasive" virus so I decided to Reset (Troubleshoot and basically reset everything back to as the day I bought it). So I made a fresh start again and rechecked all (Reinstalled Windows 10 again by the way) Updated to the latest version and I redownloaded my games again. And still I was experiencing again the same lag or freezing of the games that I love to play.

So I wondered probably it was my graphics card! And lo and behold, its this...


I really don't know how to fix this problem. And I really NEED HELP in this problem.

And I am not very a techy sort and I totally give up on doing anything because if I do a thing I am not quite sure of how to do probably will do harm to my laptop even further. You guys are probably my only chance before I go to some local shop in assisting my laptop problems.

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