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Adept II

Re: 5700xt Crashing

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is anyone facing hdr color issue using 5700xt ? I switched to 5700xt from nvidia 1080gtx and after using 5700xt i'm getting less color in hdr games. 

Re: 5700xt Crashing

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Similar issues.

My issues started a week from buying. Random crashes in games, desktop, or browser use. There is no single scenario to tie to the crashes.

Have tried all but reinstalling windows.

If AMD doesn't release a driver that fixes this before friday this week, I am only left to assume the hardware on this whole product line is trash and I will be returning my card to the retailer for a refund. There is just too many people on this forum and on youtube having problems with this chip for me to trust this card so much that i am willing to hodl it past my allotted window of returns to the retailer. Don't want to be stuck with a junk piece of hardware and start dealing with ASUS overseas for RMA.

Adept II

Re: 5700xt Crashing

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Your results may vary but this worked for my 5700XT and Asrock X570 platform.

Since I was still having issues with 19.7.2, I decided to do the following:

I ran all Windows 10 updates including Windows latest 1903.

Next, I ran the DDU tool from AMD to uninstall all AMD drivers.

I also uninstalled MSI afterburner.

Then I went and installed the latest AMD chipset drivers directly from AMD.

Lastly, I re-installed Radeon 19.7.2.

After doing this process again it seems to have taken and I have not had any crashes after I modify settings in WattMan.

I have manually underclocked successfully in WattMan to 1131mHz and 2012 clock speed, I also increased the fan curve to run below 40% at 80c. I have not gone over 76C in temps while gaming.

My 5700XT is now stable in gaming, however, I still cannot run other bench-marking tools like Cinibench or Heaven without issues, which indicates that the drivers are still learning and are not correct. So I uninstalled these tools for now until another driver update.

Thank you scarceloot for the tips on Microsoft C++ installs this helped.

I understand that we all are the early adopters and we are doing the testing on the X570 platform and 5700XT graphics to help AMD. I just hope they read the notes/comments and look at the work and time the community has dedicated to the success and stability of their new hardware.

Thank you to everyone who posts with your advice it helps!

Adept III

Re: 5700xt Crashing

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Potential Solution:

Wanted to get a comment in here to mark as solution, as myself and others seem to have stable systems. Here are the steps we took:

UPDATE 1: I got stuck in a BSOD boot loop and had to move my M2 drive & reinstall Windows 10 - This is an unrelated issue to the 5700xt

UNTIL THERE IS A BIOS UPDATE (to DO NOT install an NVMe M2 SSD into a M2 slot that DOES NOT also accept SATA - instead, install the drive into the M2 slot that does accept SATA. For the X570 MSI Gaming Pro Carbon M2 #1 does not have SATA where #2 does. So I believe some (if not almost all) of my random crashes were due to the Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe drive being inserted into M2 #1, because once I moved the drive and reinstalled windows I have not had a SINGLE WHEA 17 PCIe error in event viewer.

  1. Start with a fresh install of Windows 10 version 1903 (Solution should work regardless of this, but use as last resort)
    1. I had ethernet unplugged as I did the install
  2. Update your motherboard BIOS (My X570 came with a bios more than a month old)
    1. Usually requires FAT32 flash drive
    2. Check in your motherboard manual for appropriate steps
  3. Disable Microsoft Automatic Updates
    1. Type Check for updates
    2. Click Pause Update
  4. Install motherboard CHIPSET driver from (Chipsets > AMD Socket AM4 > Choose your board type) 
    1. DO NOT install the chipset driver from your motherboard manufacturer
  5. Restart
  6. Plug ethernet cord in
  7. Download and install Processor driver from (Processors > Ryzen Master)
  8. Restart
  9. Download and Install C++ in sequential year order (I did a fresh install, so I did not already have these)
    1. 2010 C++ (x64)
    2. 2015 C++ (x64)
    3. 2015-2019 C++ (x64)
  10. Restart
  11. Download and Install Adrenalin 19.7.3 from (UPDATED due to new driver)
    1. 420mb version - DO NOT use Auto detect & DO NOT update within Adrenalin
  12. Restart
  13. Check for Windows Updates
    1. Repeat until your fingers are numb & restart after each update is installed
  14. Enable Microsoft Automatic Updates
    1. Type Check for updates
    2. Click Check for Update

You'll want to run the following everyday until your issues stop

  • Check for Windows Updates
  • DO NOT allow Radeon adviser to enable settings
    • Specifically Virtual Screen Resolution (VSR) and Enhanced Sync - leave these OFF
  • Run DirectX Diagnostic Tool - Type DXDIAG in the start menu and run
    • click next page and exit when done
  • Run system file checker periodically in CMD as admin: SFC /scannow
    • If you have issues that are not resolved, online repair SHOULD correct the issues
  • Run the online repair periodically dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
  • Avoid using multiple programs at the same time to monitor temps/utilization
  • Avoid clicking on Windows notifications while in-game
    • You can fully disable these within Windows settings
  • Avoid using MSI Afterburner

Use Event Viewer (Run as Administrator) to find errors:

  • In start menu, type Event Viewer
  • Right click, run as administrator
  • On the right side click
    • Create Custom View 
    • Event Level: Critical, Warning, Error
    • Choose Event Logs:
      • Windows - Application
      • Application & Services: Hardware events
    • Click OK, and name this filter Summary of Errors or whatever you want
      • This is how I am able to spot application errors after computer restarts or BSOD
  • Repeat and make a second filter
    • Create Custom View
    • Event Level: Critical, Warning, Error
    • Choose Event Logs:
      • Windows - Application
    • Choose Event Sources
      • Application Hang
    • Click OK, and name this filter Game Errors or whatever you want
      • This is how I am able to spot the r5apex.exe errors

PS: - If Adrenalin 19.7.3 doesn't work - DDU the driver and start again

DDU Link

  • Launch Option: Safe Mode
  • Upon restart, choose GPU driver
  • Select Remove and Restart
  • Upon restart, reinstall 19.7.3

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Adept I

Re: 5700xt Crashing

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I'm also having stuttering and crashes. The crashes are mostly alt tabbing from fullscreen games. Its runs ffxiv pretty well I suppose but every other game I throw at it doesn't break 40-45 fps. I've tried Dauntless and Destiny 2 at 1140p. For reference my gtx 1080 did a little worse in ffxiv but around 60-70 fps in Dauntless and Destiny.  The GPU is almost always averaging 50-60% utilization outside of ffxiv.

Im using:

I7 7700k 4.2 OC 4.8 turbo

Asrock z270 extreme 4 mobo

16gb DDR4 3200mhz

5700XT AE with the Arctic accelero extreme iv

19.7.2 Drivers

Adept II

Re: 5700xt Crashing

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My blackscreen + reboot issue was RAM related, had to downclock it from 3200 to 3000.

Still better then 2133mhz when i had a Ryzen 2600, this 3600 seems to like my RAM much better.

So i'm keeping the card, i was about to give up.

Adept I

Re: 5700xt Crashing

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Hm. My ram is 2133 but I could try reducing it. 


I was mistaken. For some reason my ram was set to 2133 but its actually 3200. I set it to 3200 and saw a dramatic decrease in performance in FFXIV. I set it down to 3000 and still saw the same decrease in performance. Waiting to test other games at various frequencies.

Adept I

Re: 5700xt Crashing

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Wow this list is ridiculous. I dont have an AMD board so I don't know if there are chipset updates for Intel? I'm not experienced at flashing Bios so this is a risky endeavor. I don't think I can do this laundry list of tasks myself.

Adept II

Re: 5700xt Crashing

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I actually don't game but I built my system to render 360* video using a GoPro Fusion.

MB - Gigabyte x570 ITX / CPU - 3900X / GPU - 5700XT 50th / 16GB DDR3 / Windows 10 Home

I've tried every suggestion on this forum and reddit to stop my system from crashing.  The crashes ranged from opening up a browser, to playing a youtube video, trying to install Adobe Premiere, and trying to import raw capture from my camera or from my computer to GoPro Fusion Studio.  There wasn't anything really common to pinpoint the problem.

After going through about 20 installs the thing that finally works was as follows:

1. Download AMD chipset driver and AMD GPU driver ( Adrenaline 420gb file ) on flash drive.

2. Fresh install of Win10 ( DO NOT CONNECT TO THE INTERNET )

3. Install Chipset Driver - Let computer reset

4. Install Adrenaline by selecting express install - I didn't install ReLive

5. As soon as Radeon Settings Install adjust Global WattMan ( I did a version of what danishstallion @LimoncelloOnIce rclv did on their Fan & Temperature Curve )

6. Turned on VSR & GPU Scaling.

7. Turned off Show Overlay and Banner Ads in Preferences.

8.  Keep in mind that still have not connect to the internet and everything works fine.  Im able to install GoPro Fusion Studio and just finished rendering a 25 minute clip in about 2 hours.  I wasn't even able to import prior to this and best thing of all, I have not crashed!!!


I haven't reset my computer or turned on my wifi yet but my speculation is that the windows update might have something to do with initiating the crashes, where it has to do with security features I'm not sure.  I just remember pre-fix I would crash or get warning notification saying that the "Application was blocked from accessing graphics hardware".  On the AMD side of things, I speculate the voltage, heat, and memory might have something to do with the crashing.  Prior to this temporary fix it seemed like anytime I did something that spiked the system it would crash.  So post temp-fix when I monitored WattMan I noticed my memory would spike occasionally.  Also, when running the GoPro Fusion Studio App when I imported the files the program would previously crash but this time I would get the App crash report pop-up screen but the App would still run.  Where as pre temp-fix the App would crash completely.  I'm crossing my fingers that this will be steady but if not I hope AMD takes this situation as a jump if they don't already know to fix their absolutely disappointing DRIVERS.

Adept II

Re: 5700xt Crashing

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This solution does not work.