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Adept I

Why is my amd gpu not showing in dxdiag display?



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According to Device Manager code 22 your Integrated Graphics on your APU is "Disabled":

This Tech site gives some good Troubleshooting tips on how to resolve Error 22: How to Fix Error Code 22: This Device Is Disabled - WhaTech 

On your next reply please post your Computer Specs especially your AMD APU Processor and Windows version and Make & Model of your Motherboard.

I noticed that you have a RX550 GPU card installed. Normally BIOS will automatically make your RX550 the Main Display Adapter instead of your APU Vega 8 Integrated Graphics. Possibly Windows disabled your Integrated Graphics when you installed the RX550.

I intentionally disabled my Apu to force use my Rx 550 as my display adapter. But I think I figured out why my GPU doesn't work. I realized I had to plug in the monitor to the GPU, and not the motherboard. Here are my specs.Capture.PNG


Yes your disabled APU integrated graphics goes through your motherboard's Video Outputs.

When you installed your GPU card than you need to connect all your Speakers and/or Monitors to the GPU's video Outputs to get video and audio.

You might be able to use both. See what happens if you enable your Integrated Graphics again in Device Manager with your GPU installed. Your GPU will still be the Main Display adapter used by Windows but you might be able to use the Integrated Graphics also as a backup in case something goes wrong with your GPU card.