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Journeyman III

Vega iGPU - YouTube playback - GPU/CPU usage.


I have Ryzen 3200g with Vega 8.

Is my system damaged or some software changes were made?

The thing is... In the past, while i was playing YouTube videos (all resolutions), and Windows Task Manager was up, the fields (rectangles) called "3D" and "Video Encode" were greatly used and CPU was little used. But now situation is different. When resolution is 1080p or lower, field called Video Encode is 0%..., 3D is about 33% and CPU is about 38%. But... when resolution is higher than 1080p, situation looks like it was in the past (3D and Video Encode high usage, CPU low usage).

I posted screenshots in the attachments.

BTW. I use Firefox.


OK, I see... It's related to codec settings on YouTube. You can choose AV1 or VP9.

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