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Vega 64 Screen goes black randomly for few second when i play (and other)

Hello everyone, I hope you all doing good with this difficult time we live.
With the quarantine i decide to try figure it out that black screen problem i have but the web have so maaany of that, with different type of black screen, with different type of graphic card and different type of solution. I read so many post and the problem can be everything, a gpu default, psu default, monitor default a cable default or driver thing.. So i decide to create my own post, sorry about that.

I built a pc around 6 month ago:
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 (Stock setting)
GPU: Gigabyte vega 64 Gaming OC 8go (Stock setting)
RAM: Ballistic Sport LT 3200mhz Cl16 (OC 3800mhz Cl16)
MOBO: B450 tomahawk max (Latest update)
PSU: Aerocool KCAS 850GM RGB 80+ gold
SCREEN: iiyama G-master G2530HSU 75hz freesync 1920x1080

I used driver 19.12.1 with this problem, so i updated the driver with DDU in safe mode (20.4.2) i still got the black screen and the exact same one. (I updated recently 11.05.20)
I'm wired in DISPLAY actually, i tried with a DVI and a HDMI with freesync enable even tried with different monitor it seems to be the same.
When i play games some little games i'm around 32-35c with 900rpm at 25w, max 62c when i play some bigger game with higher setting with 1800rpm at 140w-160w, i never play full ultra setting and always lock my fps to 75 due to my monitor. my Gpu is plug-in with 2 different alimentation cable

So the only problem i have since i build this pc is that random black screen when i play game. The screen goes black for 2-3 seconds and always 2-3 seconds precisely, as if my monitor or graphics card lost the signal and comes back as if nothing had happened and during that 2-3 seconds i still can hear the sound of the game playing normally.
It's really hard to try thing because the problem is really random. I can play a game all day long without any problem and tomorrow play the same game all days long too and have 1 or 2 black screen/lost signals. Certain games never caused me any problems but i can't be sure about this is really random...
I tried with different monitor same problem, but i never have problem when i look some video on you tube or locking netflix all days...
I tried to plug 2 screen in the same time and the black screen problem appear even without any game load just with video and web thing, really wierd.. So for me it seems caused by google chrome, i don't know why but when i play without chrome open i have no black screen. (testing that for 2 days of gaming) Maybe it's a placebo.
I disabled acceleration hardware in chrome but even with only chrome open with no video loaded i still have black screen in game.
but the wierdest thing is with some games with chrome and video load, i doesn't have any problem at all.
(Yes, it's a placebo, I have a black screen with the games i'm used to having this problems with no open chrome, but it seems less frequent. Sorry about that, forget my fantasy. but i have that black screen with 2 screen without chrome or game open.)

In the end it's not really an issue that ruins my life, but it can be a real pain. Thanks for now it's never happened to me in a competitive game but my biggest fear is that it can happen. That's why if you had the same problem and you have some tips on how to solve it i would appreciate it.
Thanks for all the people how will take time to read and help me, and have a nice days.

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