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Journeyman III

RX6900XT power consumption too low

Hi there,

I have the problem that my RX6900XT only consumes a maximum of 125W when playing and therefore the FPS are very low. When I restart the PC the power consumption is normal at 225W.

Tuning Control is on Automatic

Has anyone already had the problem?

Driver 20.12.1
Gigabyte Gaming 5 Z370
be quite 750W

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Journeyman III

I am having the same problem.

I just got a 6900XT and my power consumption is low in games (~100 watts or less). I don't know how to ensure it stays reasonable like 200-250W. I have 850W PSU and my 3070 ran significantly better in the games I play. However, Timespy score is much better on the 6900XT but power consumption was peaking at 280 watts. Need consistent power consumption it seems.


try reinstall the drivers, seems a driver issue, before reinstall use DDU the remove all old drivers left on the system. 


I am having same issue. Reinstalled drivers. DDU safe mode twice. Reinstall adrenaline and drivers.  Increased the power limit +15%. Overclock and undervolt negligible results. Hitting 200-240w then dropping down to 89-120w. Windows power plan checked.  Not getting consistent power. Tried with previous 850 w power supply same issue. Drivers or settings I am missing?

Asus 570p prime


6900xt red devil

32 gb ddr4 ram x2 16gb ram

Evga supernova 1000w g5 

Wow that's a weird problem. I don't have it, but seems kinda sorta driver-related. Akin to forcing PCI-E power compliance on (to not exceed the limitations of power provided purely by PCI-E slot itself with no external connectors). Does that happen with different driver versions in different applications or only in a limited number of cases? Does anyone with reference design PCB have it? How many 12V rails are there in your PSUs and if multiple, what is the max rated load for them? 

OK, I checked, so EVGA Supernova 1000W G5 has single 12V rail so definitely not an output issue. 

Journeyman III

Same problem with me?

Adept I

Asus rog z390f, i9900k, Asus TUF rx6900xt, samsung 16gb 2666ghz. The same problem with FPS in games.
Apex legends, Warzone, these games have fps below 150. Power consumption does not exceed 100 watts. I thought that my video card was defective, but it turns out that many have such a problem.


Are you getting what you should fps wise when you compare to people on YouTube, 


I actually think the readings you get there is no problem in rust I only use like 90 with my 6800 but I get good fps on max gfx

Journeyman III

A friend of me got the same problem with a XFX Merc 6900XT, Benchmark the card pulls full 300W but ingame just about 80-90W. Some times it goes up to 125 than dropes back to ~80-90. Drivers are up to date, graphics settings are clear, no vsync or fps lock.
temperatures while gaming are about 50 °C. We testet OC and Silent mode but nothing changed really.

Ryzen 3900X
Asrock B550 Pro 4
XFX Merc 6900XT
Power-Supply: 750W

Journeyman III

No power issues over here with the 6900XT Merc, over 270w before I started capping my FPS to monitor refresh. I would suggest updating the BIOS but the Intel system should be more stable? We had a lot of issues with specific games crashing, we update the BIOS and then bam, everything works. Ryzen 5000 and X570 is still being ironed out.

Ryzen 5900X
Dark Hero X570
XFX 6900XT Merc
850w Seasonic Titanium



have you found solution my 6800xt doing samething i cant get over 160w while gaming


sapphire nitro+ 6800xt


aorus x570 pro wifi

1000w psu

looking for a solution to this as well, 6900xt wont consume more then 60-90w while in game but in timespy and such hits 270


I fixed it for my 6800XT! It was all about the new driver 21.3.X
Went on amd page and got 21.2.2. Used the driver cleanup utility from amd and reinstalled the old driver.

I fixed it for my 6800XT! It was all about the new driver 21.3.X
Went on amd page and got 21.2.2. Used the driver cleanup utility from amd and reinstalled the old driver.


Also did this, it worked for me

On GTAV ultra, went from -100W, 10-40% GPU util. and 20-60fps, to 250W 98% GPU util, 80-150 fps

also ryzen 5600 is not nearly a bottleneck, had 20-40% CPU util. or someting

Thanks a lot !

I fixed it for my 6800XT! It was all about the new driver 21.3.X
Went on amd page and got 21.2.2. Used the driver cleanup utility from amd and reinstalled the old driver.



I think i just solved this issue on my setup.

I was having the exact issue OP was talking about and started screwing around in Div 2 and playing with settings to try and force the gpu to pull more power. Only after turning on DX12 did it boost to 270w and stay there. so i figured hey lets update DX12 maybe thats the problem? But i bet like some of you with this problem you are running an un-activated copy of windows. After purchasing a key from windows store (yup definitely windows smile) and updating all the system updates i was behind on did the card consistently hit its power marks. check your updates hope this helps some of you!

I had the same issue. My build: asus dark hero, 5800x, trident z neo 16gb 3600mhz cl14, and a gigabyte gaming oc 6900xt. In game menus I would get 220-260watts, but in actual games it would drop to 60-80watts. Especially Apex legends. I used DDU to install driver 21.2.1 then I installed driver 20.12.1 FROM THE GIGABYTE WEBSITE! Not AMDs! Then I enabled Direct x 12 like you said. Even though I have an activated windows 10 pro it was disabled. After enabling Direct x 12, and installing the driver listed on gigabytes site. I was running 270watts IN GAME. With 240fps ( 1440p maxed out settings+ SAM) instead of 60-100watts 70-120fps. I hope this helps someone out there as I was struggling with this for a week or 2.


I had the same issue, but enabling Dx12 only got me from 60watts in game (Apex legends) to 80watts or so. So what I did to fix my setup( and working thus far) is I had driver version 21.3.1 on my gigabyte gaming OC 6900xt. I used DDU and fully wiped drivers. Then instead of going to AMD for drivers. I looked up the driver listed on gigabyte’s site. Which was driver 20.12.1 Once I installed driver version 20.12.1 on my gigabyte 6900xt, and enabled direct x12 in windows ( even though I had activated windows 10 pro DX12 was disabled) Apex legends went from 80-100watts/80-120fps in game to 270ish watts/220-240fps (1440p max settings+SAM) hopefully this helps someone out there. Took me a couple of days of screwing around to get it going.