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Journeyman III

RX6700XT - Frequent crashes at game startup


I recently upgraded my old RX580 to RX 6700 XT. Since the upgrade, I face constant crashes - at the moment some games are literally unplayable.

The problems occur only in more demanding games/tasks - Need For Speed Unbound, It Takes Two, 3DMark TimeSpy test crash immediately upon launch. The errors given out are related with driver timeout (source: AMD software) and DirectX ("GetDeviceRemovedReason" function failed in NFS).

I've so far tried checking the integrity of system files, cleaned GPU drivers and experimented with different versions of them (22.11.2, 23.2.1, 23.2.2, 22.5.1) using DDU and dedicated installers for the drivers, deactivated windows acceleration and also tried different profile settings (Standard, Quiet, Gaming) in AMD software - always with the same result. One thing I noticed while dumping the logs from GPU-Z, is that the crashes happen immediately when GPU voltage hits 1,2V.

I've contacted ASRock, they suggested it's a driver issue, hence this post.


32GB DDR4 2400 MHz
ASRock RX6700XT Challenger 12GB OC
Thermaltake Smart SE2 700W PSU
Windows 10


What else can be the cause of these issues?


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