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Journeyman III

RX 6700 XT low fps fortnite

so i have this pc over 4 months now but it is still performing bad. i dont know if it is the gpu or the cpu but i think its the gpu.

Ryzen 5 5600x 

Powercolor Red Devil Rx 6700 XT

16 gb ballistix ram 3200mh

gigabyte aorus elite v2 motherboard.


i have all settings on the lowest and i got around 70-80 fps in fortnite competitive and in creative it is fine with 240 but it stutters a lot. my drivers are up to date and i dont know what to do and how this can be helped. i have send it to an pc fixing store and they didnt even find any problems and said it was fine, when i got it back it was the exact same as before. bad fps in fortnite. and stutters a lot with instant replay on in EVERY game.


someone plss help me

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Adept II

You can try in amd software,performance tuynning to change 3d frequency to have 100-200mhz,to prevent downclocking gpu in game(cause of stutter):

like mine,instead 700min frequency,put 2300 or 2400.Max frequency leave default.




thanks but that does not help at all for me. idk why but it is just very bad at looking across the map and turning around and stuff, every mouse movement it stutters. its very annoying


you solved? do you have more lag?