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Journeyman III

Rx 570 sometimes the card loses settings when I turn on the computer again

Hello, I have an RX 570 card after 10 minutes of non-use,
the monitor "turns off" from what I noticed in the power
options, both hibernation and sleep is set to never, after a long time not used
- the computer comes out of "sleep", while the monitor is still black and no video signal.
I don't know if it is caused by playing a game and leaving the computer turned
on for example for an hour or if it is done every time the computer is turned on and not
used for a long time. Fresh drivers (this is done from the beginning about half a year when
I bought a card with varying intensities) I have already processed their removal and
reinstalling. I have Win 8.1 and the board is B150M Mortar Ms-7972. And every now and then when
turning on the computer the resolution is set to minimum, sometimes it is done every 2 days,
and sometimes it is calm for a week. Then, after turning on, a message from the cards
is shown that after the error the default settings of the graphics card or something
of a kind were restored. Thank you in advance for your answer
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