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Journeyman III

Resolution changes then game crashes displaying an error (legacyshader.fxo)

 -1- I start the game ,,, (Crossfire Pharaoh)
 -2- The log in windows launches and changes resolution with no error yet ,,,
 -3- I enter user&password anf login successfully still no error yet ,,,
 -4- After login I get redirected to servers room ,,,
 -5- Then after one or two seconds windows resolution changes back to default and the error appears crashing the game ,,,
 -6- Error messages say: (Error do you want to report?) ,then (Cannot open shader file legacyshader.fxo File not found)

 -  - Note that the file is in the game folder and got copies from friends and the game works on another older OS with older AMD definitions (since May 2020).


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