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Adept I

Radeon rx 6800 stutter while game start

I reasontly bought a rx 6800 oc Version.

At the launch of clients and games (for Reference at the point "amd Software antrenalin" Shows up on the top right corner) the gpu goes down to 0% and all of my usb Devices Start to disconnect and reconnect for a second or so.

Right after this its all normal again

I do not have the Same Problem when trying the Same with my old gpu gtx 1050ti.

Driver reinstall and installing just Driver without amd Software did not changed it.

I tryed some benchmark Software. Same with it. At the start stutter however after loading, the benchmark test was more than optimal.

Does any one had the Same Problem?

My System:

Cpu: Amd ryzen 3600

MB: msi b450 gaming plus 

Powersupply: 750 Watt be quiet! Straight Power 11

Gpu: 16GB ASRock Radeon RX 6800 PHANTOM GAMING DDR6

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Hey Pal man that scks buddy , I dont have the exact same problems but sturreing etc yes . Only thing i would try and yeah its a long shot but try disbale ANTILAG in the adrenalin software thats caused me SO many headaches with stutters and very low frames etc , disabled that and bang problems sorted buddy give it spin pal . 




In the moment I run without adrenalin (because i also thought the software could be the problem)
There for i do not think antilag is enabled if the software isnt installed.

Adept I

Go to BIOS > secure Boot > toggle off the delete key / new CPU setting. 

if not on windows 11 disable everything related to secure boot in bios

 Sorry, it's a bios so I cant take a screen grab it was my own issue that got fixed


Hello i asume you mean to disable this option.


 However it doesent change anything
or did i missunderstand you

i still run on Windows 10 and i rather dont update to Win 11


Hey Mate dang that sounds frustrating mate would drive me nuts. I know its a silly long shot but any chance you have tried the latest CHIPSET drivers direct from AMDs website also . Cant hurt to try buddy 

Journeyman III

I did a reset in the AMD Radeon Driver to the factory setttings and this helped me.

I think it has something do do with 10bit on.

It is strange with 10bit on, it seems that fullscreen mode is windowed mode and

windowed mode ist fullscreen mode.

With 8bit all behaves like it should. The AMD sharpening works in 8bit in fullscreen

and in 10bit only in windowed mode. Maybe a big.

And i turned the framelimiter in rtss on.