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Adept I

R9 5900x + RX 6900 xt low gaming performing, low frequency and low gpu usage

Hello everyone, first of all say that I am going to reuse the post of a colleague to facilitate my work, since I see that I have the same problem as him.

Computer Type: Desktop

GPU: Reference AMD RX 6900 xt

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900x

Motherboard: MSI TomaHawk x570

BIOS Version: 1.61 AGESA ComboAM4v2PI

RAM: 32GB (2x 16Gb) G.Skill RipJaws V 3200 Mhz @3800Mhz

PSU: 1000w Cooler Master V1000 (NO daisy-chaining)

Operating System & Version: 10.0.19042

GPU Drivers: 21.4.1, 21.5.1, 20.12.2, 

Description of Original Problem: 6900 XT Under-performing / low power consumption in Games


Upgraded from Nidia 1080 ti to RX 6900XT

Tested the following games and Benchmarks.

  • 3DMark - Time Spy DX 12 (SCORES LIKE EXPECTED)
  • 3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme DX11 (SCORES LIKE EXPECTED)

In games, (Battlefield 5 is what I have tested more) I see the same behavior: Power Consumption, Clock Speed, GPU usage are very low and MICROSTUTTERING EVERYWHERE. For no apparent reason I see a random drop of 15-25 fps accompanied by its microstutter.  Disabled any frame limit in game or set it to max Disable freesync and vsync.

However, in Benchmarks I see the opposite. I have great results, power consumption and clock speed is on the level you expect.

I have used DDU to remove drivers before installing the RX 6900 XT and then installed Adrenalin  21.4.1. Since the performance was bad, I have tried other versions as well. In each case I started Windows in Safe Mode without Network and used DDU with recommended settings. 

Finally have reseted bios to stock, I have cleared CMOS and I have formatted my NVme SSD to install a fresh version of Windows 10. Installed AMD Chipset and Adrenalin 21.4.1 and also upgraded to  21.5.1, and I have tried with older versions too like I have been recommended


In all Games and Benchmark Tests, the R9 5900x utilization was good, like it used to work with my 1080ti. I have tried disabling PBO, AUTO, PBO Advanced + Curve Optimizer... nothing works, I get stutterings in gaming due to low gpu usage.


Running memory without xmp profile, totally stock. 

AMD Adrenalin Settings.

Vertical Refresh: Off

Freesync: on / off / AMD optimized

Enhanced Sync: on and off

Chill: Off

AA: Application settings

Tessellation Mode: All 3 options

Forced minimum clock speed to 2100 Mhz and +25 Power Target in the tuner.

Tuning Controller Preset: Quiet, Balanced and Rage. 


Windows 10: 

I was also in the Registry to disable ULPS and Windows Power Plan to turn off any Power Saving options on CPU and PCI Express.

Also turned Windows Game mode on and off. 

In the end it's all the same. Benchmarks scores are top and Games FPS are bottom. It is very frustrating to build a high end gaming PC and it performs worse than your old one like i74770k + 1080ti.

Should I RMA it? Are amd aware of this problem, are you working on it? Because I see I am not the only one whith this problem.

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Adept III

Welcome to the club brother, why did you change from Nvidia to AMD? Did you think the would've have the drivers ready like me?


I read good reviews about it, I didn't thought I would have these problems. Playing Battlefield V with RX 6900 XT is a MICRO STUTTER PARTY =(

I have tried everything...


The behaviour you are explaining, ist a common problem with current RX6xxx graphic cards.

I have a RX6700 XT and am experiencing the same.

Hopefully AMD will fix this issues with one of its next driver releases.


I hope that...




this is not a new issue

Gpu is in vacation in a lot of games no such an fix from serie release… AMD take his time 


Adept II

Fresh new AMD user with a RX 6900XT from Sapphire (Water cooled)
Came from a 1080ti.

My gripe is the same: benchmarks good, games bad.

Example: Guild Wars 2 (DirectX 9) stutters and feels worse with this new GPU then with my old 1080ti

Of course, latest drivers.

Hope a solution will present itself soon.