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PES 2018 - With every new driver new problems

Currently not playable in fullscreen because of hard freeze of whole system and need to restart. Works in windowed mode but windowed mode is no option because it's not borderless or stretchable.

Before that (and taking months) the game was unplayable with AMD and a freesync monitor because of microstutter in fullscreen mode even tough having 100+ FPS.

I know that PES is not that popular on PC anymore and I admit that Konami is a bad dev but please AMD do something. Everything was fine with Crimson drivers during PES18 release time (august/september 2017).

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So use the drivers from then? There are no reasons to use newer drivers if it causes performance degradation for you, unless you use nVidia cards, then you must use the latest ones.


Well, thank you for taking your time replying to my issue but its not helping.

I'm keeping my system updated and update my GPU drivers using DDU every 1-2 months because PES18 isn't the only game I'm playing.

black_zion schrieb:

There are no reasons to use newer drivers if it causes performance degradation for you, unless you use nVidia cards, then you must use the latest ones.

This sentence is simply non-sense. There is no need to update drivers with every single version, that's true. But I was never describing a "performance degradation" in the OP but an error/bug (freeze). On the other hand, new drivers almost always have a positive impact on performance, not only in newer games but als in older releases and with older GPU generations.

Btw: No need to throw in nvidia in every single discussion about GPUs, either.


Lets see some sources saying why you havta run the newest drivers with Nvidia. Pretty sure there's a few million people that will disagree with you.


nVidia drivers are vulnerable to Spectre, which was only fixed in their last release.


How am I wrong? I clearly stated the nVidia DRIVERS are vulnerable to Spectre, which is why you have to use the latest version of them.


Sorry for hijacking your post johnny_tesla. Just havta keep an eye on the fanboys. Hope you can get PES working.


Fanboy? Haven't I made it clear that for the last 12 years I've only used AMD hardware?

Adept II

I have the same problem, I use a program called windowed borderless gaming, it has a 1 pixel border but it is stable with crimson 17.12.4.

Download - Windowed Borderless Gaming

Freesync does not work well with PES18 for me, even though its on and the frame rate is 100+ during replays there is always a stutter.

The game play is fine and runs at a solid 144fps.

Hope this helps.

Hello grayefc!

Thank you for your suggestion. I have already tried this tool and it works like a charm especially when livestreaming on single screen and alt-tabbing back to desktop.

The thing is, as soon as I set it up for PES I have the same behaviour in borderless as I have in fullscreen: Terrible microstutter and input lag. As soon as I switch back to the normal (small) windowed mode everything is fine.
Will give it another shot this afternoon.