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Journeyman III

Oled tv will not connect to rx580 via HDMI but display port works


Had no issues yesterday everything was running normally. I clicked update and shut down (Windows Update) yesterday now today after several hours of messing around it seems my 55" Vizio oled connected via HDMI cable into either HDMI rx580 port will not get recognized/ display. I have always had 2 monitors connected the  via HDMI. After hours of playing I can get the Oled to display via either display port connection. I have 3 monitors connected to the rx580 right now and all 3 display as long as the oled is connected via display port.  Eliminated possible causes being a bad HDMI cable or a bad HDMI port on rx580, so im guessing the windows update did something like drop support/code for my Oled connected via HDMI but not display port? I have no idea. I guess I'm stuck keeping the Oled on display port for now since its working, but why this tv just simply wont display anymore on HDMI after a windows update seems weird/wrong?

Before I reverted to earlier restore point in windows I tried updating AMD Radeon software and all windows updates were done. Still did not help.

I would rather run the Oled on HDMI because of the $100 HDMI cable vs the $5 display port cable 

If anyone got any ideas they would be appreciated. Thank You 

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