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Graphics Cards

Adept I

No signal on primary graphics card (Radeon RX 470)

I clean installed Windows 10 on July 1st with default BIOS settings and sometimes Windows 10 automatically switches to Intel integrated graphics causing no signal on my primary graphics card. A workaround is to remove the CMOS battery and the power cable of the GPU and reinsert them or disconnect the HDMI cable from the GPU and connect it to the motherboard and then, using the Intel integrated graphics, refresh the device manager, disable and enable the primary graphics card. Not long ago I went to a computer specialist and he said my PC hardware is OK. I own this PC for like 5 years and probably I'm going to switch to Linux, which once I did for testing purposes and all were working perfectly. Am I the only one in the world having this problem?

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Journeyman III

I am also having almost the same problem



I am assuming that you disabled the integrated graphics in the BIOS.  Am I correct?

If not try doing so and the discrete graphics card should take over.

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