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Journeyman III

My new sapphire nitro+ rx580 SE wont gent detected and wont show anything during boot

Hey just build new PC

Motherboard       Gigabyte x470 Aorus Ultra gaming bios F6
Cpu                     Amd Ryzen 5 2600 W stealth 3,4 ghz AM4

Memory              16 gb vengeance rgb 2666 mhz ddr4

Psu                     Corsair vs650 v2 650 w 

Hdd                     Corsair m.2 Ssd

GPU                    Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8 GB

Operating system win 10 pro N

Updated the Psu since build to a EVGA 750 G2, 

plug in the pc after build and no signal to monitor, Sapphire sign on GPU lights up but nothing more than this, yes both 8 + 6 pin is plugged in, Took the gpu out and replaced with old radeon 7950 no problem and i got windows installed and installed latest AMD drivers for gpu, changed gpu again and still nothing from rx580.

Anyone have a clue, i tried looking on a lot of forums, but couldnt find the right solution

thanks in advance

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I'm not sure if this exactly your problem but I had something similar. I had a motherboard that on 25% of the time did not detect the AMD R9 GPU. The other 75% it detected the GPU and all worked fine. PSU and drivers were fine, it just didn't get detected. I browsed through the BIOS and noticed there was a section that allowed me to specify when something was inserted into a specific PCI slot, and what the PCI level should be. I changed the slot from Auto to PCI-3. It's been some time so it may have been something like PCI-3, but you get the idea. Once the slot was no longer set to Auto, the GPU was consistently detected. It appears that some cards are not properly detected by all motherboards, but the manufacturer of the motherboard may have a BIOS override that helps to resolve the issue.