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Journeyman III

My AMD original 5700 graphics card fan speed is locked. Request help

The turbo fan of the graphics card was locked at approximately 730 rpm, which was the case when I bought it. Later, I realized that it might be a problem with the bios. When I bought this 5700, I used the 5700xt bios, so I rewrote the 5700 bios and found that the turbo fan was still locked. I also wrote the 5700xt bios, but the problem remained unresolved
But when I took the graphics card from the company to my home computer and installed it, the turbo fan was still locked. However, it was probably playing with the fan that suddenly became controllable, and I didn't notice the specific turning point (from being locked to being able to quickly turn). It was normal to use a turbo fan for many days.
Until I updated the graphics card driver updated on the AMD driver control program in early September, the fan stopped working again. Even if I installed another version, which was the driver version where my graphics card fan returned to normal, the fan was still locked. Additionally, as long as there is a situation where the turbine fan is locked, the rotational speed is approximately 700-730
During the game, the temperature often rises to 100 degrees Celsius
-The bios version I wrote corresponds to the graphics card model and brand
-My CPU is R5 5500
-My motherboard is ONDA B450S-B
-My power supply is a Segotep rated 600W gold medal direct lead
-The graphics card model is as stated in the title, AMD Public 570
Due to the turbine fan being locked, the temperature often rises to 100 degrees Celsius during the game. I want to know why and how can I solve this?

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