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Journeyman III

monitor goes black, switches between analog/digital, doesnt load back

yesterday i upgraded my pc and this is what i have now: ryzen 2600, msi b450 pro carbon ac, xfx rx vega 64 8g, coolermaster v850, 2x kingston hyper predator 3200 (running stock 2400 atm). Ssd (samsung) and hdd. I clean installed OS on the ssd. After the install, couple minutes into downloading drivers etc my screen goes black (samsung syncmaster p2250, ancient) and switches between analog/digital (top left corner) while my vega 64 starts blowing full load. Nothing changes, have to reset. I installed all the drivers to mb, gpu and everything, updated bios, but it keeps on happening. The card is used but worked np before this. The pc is working (i hear audio, i can switch songs) but the screen is not and the vega gets under load when this happens. I tried benchmarking, that went fine. I dont do anything particular when screen goes black, ram/cpu/gpu 1-3% load, web browsing. Any tips? Right now i've put in my 1050ti and its working currently for 20-30 minutes, we'll see if it crashes the same or not.

edit: 1050ti no problem. I noticed when i have my vega64 in, that while web browsing it took only 3W of power, is that normal? Thats what adrenaline told me.

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