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Adept I

Junction temperature of RX 5700 XT quickly rises to 110C

I have a MSI RX 5700XT Gaming X I bought back in 2019 

It's basically what the title says.  My junction temperature, no matter if I have it OCed or not, rises quickly to 110C and often stays around that point.  My "regular" GPU temp has never seen above 75C.

I realize that 110C is normal for gaming, I suppose... but I've seen SO many people say they get temps below 100C on their junction and I just don't understand how....

I was just going to let it be... but lately I've been noticing more artifacts on my computer screen, not during gaming either.  Those quickly go away, I've noticed so I don't bother with it.  I honestly think these artifacts might just be something with my DP cable (of which I will be replacing soon).  

Can someone help me out here?  

Someone said to check my thermal-something and apply more thermal paste...  I don't even know where the heck to look in the first place.

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By apply more thermal paste they are talking about you dismantling the card, removing the heat sink and applying thermal paste to the GPU just like you do with you CPU.

Before going that far try giving the card a clean to make sure the air flow is good and adjusting the fan curve.

Also check that the fans actually run.

Contacting MSI support with the issue is probably a good idea.

Journeyman III

I also have a RX 5700 XT RED DEVIL POWERCOLOR, purchased in June 2020, the junction temperature three times reached 775º C and the current temperature was 41º C, unfortunately AMD RADEON, did not answer me when I quoted in email. that eventuality. Is 775º C a bug in the AMD RADEON SOFTWARE ADRENALIN 2020 program?

Journeyman III

i am just like you . i have the same problem . i dont know what should i do . can you give me an advice ?