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It is possible to have 3 cloned(duplicated) monitor at the same time?

Like the topic title say:It is possible to have 3 duplicated monitor at the same time without no issue?For the moment i encounter a serious problem and i can t find solution nowhere,and nobody know how to help me with this dillema.
I have 3 different displays.
1. tv samsung 4k JU6400
2. tv samsung full hd LT32H390FEVXEN
3. full HD video projector
I connected all 3 display to an r9 fury X gpu card which have 3 dp+1hdmi on the back.
Why can't I have duplicated(cloned) images on all 3 display, and it only allows image only for 2? It only gives me duplicates 1 and 2, duplicates 1 and 3 and extended display.
i have the latest version of Adrenalin driver from AMD 2020-22.6.1 Windows `10 legacy.
I have images only on samsung 's tv,on videoprojector is only extended.....
Windows 10 is the problem or gpu card?ju6400-1.jpgtv+proiector1.jpg20221122_1350001.jpg20221122_1354211.jpgdisplay1.jpgdisplay2.jpgdisplay3.jpglink failure.jpg

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The problem seems to be with your Projector and not the other 2 displays.

Found this Windows Tech site that mentions about not able to duplicate your Projector Troubleshooting tips;

See if any of those applicable tips will fix your issue.