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Journeyman III

GPU doesnt support dx12

I put picture  so my problem when  I want launch AC Valhalla say this error. I had installed directx12 but how to get 12 no 11_1 in dxdiag? I try update drivers for card nothing I try update windows 10 but say that there dont exist updates. I pay 78€ for game and now i cant play. I try contact support of game but unfortly nobaday answer me. So is there any fix for tihs?

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Adept II

It’s not a AMD driver issue. You must install Direct X. Here’s the link...

Asus B450-I 2700x GSkill Trident Z 16GB 3200 CL16 XFX 5700 DD Ultra

In windows I cant find new update. I check dxdiag say that I have directx 12 i try download but say that already installed


The R7-370 GPU card support DX12 but not all of its features. It is basically a DX11 GPU card that runs certain DX12 features but not all of DX12 features that games may require.

Installing DX12 or AMD Driver won't fix it. It is a GPU Hardware limitation. Your GPU card probably needs to support DX12 (12.0 or 12.1) for your game to work correctly. But the highest DX12 your GPU card supports is DX12 (11.1).

Found this old previous thread that explains better and where I got the above information:

Screenshot 2020-12-28 181301.png