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Journeyman III

God of War - Performance issues / random FPS drops with AMD graphic cards

Dear AMD Support,

We (AMD users) have some performance issues / random FPS drops while playing God of War on PC. In my case, drivers are up to date and I am playing on a i7 4790K CPU and 5700XT GPU at 1440p High Settings. Please check the screenshots. 

1440p Low Settings I get 50 fps.

1440p High Settings I get 45 fps.

Please check the Steam forums for more information.

Or this performance analysis where they say the following:

Still, the game suffers from some issues. For instance, there isn’t any FOV slider and the game lacks a fullscreen mode. Additionally, the game suffers on AMD’s hardware due to the DirectX 11 API. Make no mistake, AMD is to be blamed for this. However, things would have been way better if Jetpack used DX12 or Vulkan.

Thank you!

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I'm sure Amd already knows that the problem with such games is DirectX 11 support, before when games were developed there were no bottlenecks in the windows environment with DirectX 11 support, but current games that prefer multithreaded API-type interfaces with DirectX 12 and Vulcan support work fine on them, it's more a question to game developers why they still release games especially with an open world! On directx 11, which cannot physically render (the GPU was forced to prepare the frames) because of such a number of details, and thus is a bottleneck in the games: the origin of the assassin's creed, Odyssey, the rise of the immortal phoenix, the god of war. and similar to them, in all these games, the top video cards of that generation and the current one are not fully used, and in a rare case their loading is 80% (in your case it's 50%), perhaps this is also the fault of the relatively old i7 4790K processor), and this is rare. In this case, you need to write a petition to the game developer so that they remake the games for the modern directx 12 api, or Vulcan.

Journeyman III

Same here. Goes from 120 to below 50 on a RX6600

Community Manager

User feedback on Reddit and elsewhere mentions that the game has a memory leak which is affecting both GPU vendors.

I would recommend contacting the developer to seek their feedback and to wait for future game updates.

What a joke. So what now? Is it really the customers job to now go ask the developers to fix their game, when its an AMD graphics card thing? Hell no, this is the first and last time I am ever buying an AMD graphics card....I can see why my friends warned me now.

Also unhappy with my AMD Radeon card , my first and last card , nobody willing to help or answer questions or give feedback from official side.

Adept I

Download the fix from the below link and put d3d11.dll and dxgi.dll where the game.exe is.(Make sure to check the OS architecture before copy)

Side note: You need latest AMD graphics driver 

FPS Boost


Unfortunately this fix does not work at the moment. Using DXVK with God of War causes an issue where the whole screen is covered with a checkerboard pattern, so it is unplayable. It does improve framerate, so hopefully this gets fixed. I tested it with the latest version of DXVK 1.9.3 and the latest AMD drivers  22.1.1.

Edit: Apparently this checkerboard pattern is only affecting 5000 series cards... I really wish AMD wouldn't always have these weird issues, and driver bugs. Also to anybody who uses DXVK, fps will stutter and be low at first, DXVK needs to build a shader cache. Still this isn't an optimal solution. Lets just hope the game devs release a patch that fixes these issues. 

 I tried this "fix" of yours, and put the files where the .exe is. It made the stuttering worse for me and was no help at all lol. This is something AMD should fix cant be true that a game like this cant run smoothly on my 6800xt, without lags and stuttering down to 50fps or lower. I didnt buy this expensive card for fun...


This patch increases 8 frames into god of war my gpu sapphire rx 6600 xt nitro+

But i think santa monica make new patch for amd user


I agree with Electric_Squall, I will never buy an AMD gpu again. I always used Nvidia and never had this many issues, but a while back I decided to buy the RX 5700 XT. I have never experienced so many issues. AMD seems to not care about their clients, or maybe they just don't know how to make their products work properly. To this day after hundreds of driver update my RX 5700 XT still has many, many issues. Here I am again searching the internet for a solution to a problem with a new game I bought, and low and behold it's an AMD issue again. Also here on the official AMD community, and as usual AMD has nothing to say. Very sad. I was really hopeful that AMD would fix these things, and I really tried to like AMD. But never again.... 

Same here. I WILL NEVER EVER waste even a penny on any AMD products. Your support sucks and you don't care about your costumers. Your cards have serious problems with UE4 and DX11 but you never solved anything. I'm done with you. Literally DONE.

More than 2 years passed, "nice job". Nothing fixed. Even GTX 1060 have more stable FPS than RX 6600. Drops from 100 to 40.GoW_2024_amd.jpg

Adept II

I finished the game on 6700 10GB with 1440p all Ultra apart from shadows in January. No issues.


Your version of game, overall system, os, driver version. How much FPS you have in this area? Any screenshots? I can finish game too, but for me it's serious issues. I will test it on "normal" 6700 12Gb later, but I think it's useless

Adept II

I played on EGS, the system was i7-11700, 32 GB RAM, 6700 10GB, Windows 10 22H2. FPS didn't drop below 60, usually it was 70 - 80. No I have 6800 XT, so probaby it will be around 100 FPS with everything maxed out.


Drivers must have been 24.2.1 or 24.3.1, I played around that time.


I have the same problem, I have one
R5 2600
RX 6600 8GB driver I use and 23.11.1
and my fps of 75 drops to 26, 40, 50, out of nowhere, I'll update the driver and see, but I doubt it will change anything.



23.20.22 driver (analog of 23.10.x for 6750GRE12), same place, different system and same drops. I feel like I'm betatester. It's just more powerful and can maintain 60fps on 60% of load. RX6600 can do 46