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Gigabyte Radeon™ RX 5600 XT GAMING OC issue

Buyed this card a week ago..

put it in my machine flashed it to the new bios version

now i have the problem it look like it not getting the right power somfing but with my psu there shuld be clearly enugh power for it..

earlier today my 2x screens go in hypernate but when i what to wake and use my computer nothing happens

and needed to restart my computer

it happens 1 day ago too when i played eve online

the same both my screens go out and needed to restart

power in my keyboard and mouse where still on but nothing worked.

it happen 1 day i would start my computer too noting come on my screens and wanted to take the power agian and restart it.

i have tryed with some other cables and replace it see if it where installed correct and everything look okay.

today i have removed the drivers with DDU and installed them agian.

eny other with this problem or im alone with it?

Cabinet: Corsair Carbide 275RPSU:

PSU: Corsair TX850M

Motherboard: Asus P8H77-M CPU: i7-2600


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Journeyman III

i would turn off sleep mode in your windows power plan, set sleep to never
and also update drivers for your monitor
device manager > monitors > update driver on your monitor
if that doesnt work try this 

SWIRF TV fixes 5600 xt blue screen of death / video tdr failure / amd radeon adrenalin , no crashes ...

here is a video outlining the following steps i took to fix my issues with  the 5600 xt, no crashes after 4 days

do this, i had zero crashes after 4 days so far

( i do not guarantee this will work for you,

this worked for me using:
gigabyte 5600 xt gaming oc 6g , with FA0 bios
msi mpg x570 gaming plus (newest bios)
ryzen 5 3600 (@4.3 ghz)
corsair vengeance rgb pro 32 GB (16 x 2 ) (@3600 mhz)

windows 10 ( dont think home / pro / build number makes a diff here, microsoft isnt to blame (this time)



1. uninstall radeon software (if freezes or has error dont worry goto 2)
2. run amd clean up utility (if freezes or has error dont worry goto 3)
3. boot windows into safe mode with networking (hold shift while clicking reboot in windows)
4. download and install display driver uninstaller
5. uninstall all gpu stuff and chipset stuff , using ddu , (display driver uninstaller)
6. reboot
7. check device manager, make sure display adapter says generic device, if not repeat steps 1 - 6

8. download amd chipset drivers directly from amd, selecting the appropriate categories (for AMD CPU users,,,, (((i would imagine the same would hold true for intel cpus), 
                              ( i didnt use ones from my mobo manufacturer) 
9. install the latest correct chipset drivers only from amd, (intel for blue team) ( NO ADRENALIN OR GPU STUFF FROM AMD)

10. reboot
11. download adrenalin, unpack it, (( it will show a generic unzip progress bar, let it finish, when the fancy splash screen comes up that say "do you want to install adrenalin" "CLICK CLOSE / NO                            ****** DO NOT INSTALL ADRENALIN OR ANY AMD GPU SOFTWARE **** we are just unpacking it to get to the drivers
12. goto device manager right click on generic display driver, hit update driver 
                       > select "browse my computer for driver software"
                           > choose "let me pick from a list......"   
                                 > choose "have disk"
                                      > goto the folder that adrenalin unpacked to ussually c:\amd , im not sure what subfolder it is in, i think one that says adrenalin, either way locate C0353065.inf (i beleive there was a driver subfolder and like a win32 / win64 etc folders, choose the one appropriate for your system)   (this may differ slightly for diff versions in the future)  click ok, choose the top 5600 xt driver, click next, 

13. (this should install the driver without adrenalin, device manager should now say "5600 xt" under display adapters)
              >>>>>>>>>>> reboot

                 congratulations, no more crashes (AMD please fix your software or make it alot easier to install just the  drivers, nvidia doesnt force u to use geforce experience, cough , cough

14. can  over clock with asus gpu tweaker ii