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Journeyman III

FPS Drops, low FPS, screen Tearing when playing Fortnite with 6750xt gpu


Gigabyte B760 Gaming
Intel core i5 13600kf
sapphire pulse radeon rx 6750xt 12gb
Kingston 32 GB DDR4
MSI MAG Core Liquid P240
650W PS
MSI 120Hz Monitor

I have overall very poor perfomance when it comes to playing fortnite on all low settings. First I thought the problem
was Fortnite perfomance mode, since amd cards have a known issue here, so i switched to direct x12,  but with no positive results in fps increase. 

For the poor fps perfomance, I checked my temps for the cpu already with core temp and there was nothing alarming (highest temp of 78°Celsius at 100% stresstest)
At benchmarking with cinebench my results are also fine. I just dont get the fps I should be getting with my build.
In a fortnite match it sometimes struggles to even keep a consistent fps rate of 120Hz and 1% lows occur more often than  they should.
In fortnite creative my fps are really bad i get an average of 300-400fps uncapped and drops are frequent.

So I started watching amd adrenaline settings videos for better performance and get rid of screen tearing.
Even went back to older driver version (22.11.2) since they apparently performed better with my gpu series, but still no difference.
I capped my fps at my monitor refresh rate in game but screen tearing just gets worse. Tried FreeSync didnt work.
The only solution i found for no screen tearing was enabling vsync, which I dont want to rely on preferably, because I like to play competetively.

Any solutions or tips what could be the issue here?

P.S. I switched from a Nvidia gtx 1060 3gb to my current gpu and already did DDU for the drivers. 

UPDATE: I checked my BIOS version and updated it to the newest since I had the oldest version, but still no luck here.

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