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Adept I

Driver timeout RX 460

I'm coming to you because since March 2021 (so since the Radeon 21.3.1 update) my graphics card crashes for example when I want a video preview on Microsoft Edge or when I launch a game, my graphics card bug with a black screen and comes back with an AMD error message stating that the driver has expired, I have tested with the old driver and it works fine, but it bothers me a lot because I would like to upgrade the driver and not stay on version 21.2.3. ..
I'm sick of this bug, that's why I'm trying to get this issue back to the developer as best I can so that this issue can be fixed once and for all!

Thanks for your understanding,

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Adept I

Yes, me too friend. I've been posting about it here regularly and opened a thread before. I'm on an RX 480 and I get intense glitches and driver timeouts. I even had to physically unplug my monitors once to make them work again.


Ah that reassures me not to be the only one! I may have a temporary solution that affects a little performance in games ... the voltage settings, I lower the power consumption and the GPU setting, and so far no problems, if that 'is the only solution for now, I invite you to do the same, and hope AMD does something about it ...

I have experienced this before too, but I managed to find a solution.

My card wasn't able to get enough power causing it to crash and driver timeouts because an rx 460 should consume around 60 to 75 watts max or at high load, but mine only uses around 48-49 watts. It won't even reach the max clock when testing on furmark.

I even replaced my PSU with a silverstone 500 watts but it still didn't fix the problem because even though I have a new PSU it still wasn't getting enough juice. 

So what I did was I increased the power limit to +50% and now it's getting enough power. It can now also reach the max clocks when testing on furmark. The crashes were gone, the driver timeouts were gone and I even experienced some performance increase.

However the card runs a little hotter than before. Before it tops out at around 65 degrees but now it tops out at around 70. But that's understandable and completely normal considering that the card is using more power. Screenshot 2021-10-29 114822.png

Don't worry about damaging your card because increasing the power limit is completely safe because it just allows the card to consume the power that it needs.