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Journeyman III

Amd Radeon 520 not showing up in bios

I currently own dell inspiron 15 3576, it has i7 8550u with Amd Radeon 520 but it doesn't show in bios as if my laptop doesn't have one, it used to show before on both linux and windows when i was installing, but stopped later on with a windows update
i tried reinstalling windows, deleting the drivers, using linux live installation with no operating system on the laptop and nothing so far
i don't know whether the gpu is now dead or not but i'm sure that it used to work before the windows update

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What OS? Win10 or Win11?

Did you update the Intel graphics driver? This must be done before installing the AMD driver. Intel support/updates >

Check device manager / display...does it show there?




I'm sorry for the late reply, I thought no one can solve this issue
I still struggle to find that igpu, only intel uhd 630 showing but amd radeon 520 isn't
saw it once showing in the bios but never after, some people said it could be the charger, tried updating the bios and downgrading it but nothing so far
I've used linux, win 10, win 11, non of them showed any sign of it
device manager is not showing it either