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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

AMD 5700 XT Assetto Corsa + Triple Monitors

Ok so I've asked this question and done quite a bit of research with no luck, so this is my last hope before I go crazy! Here are my specs/situation:

AMD 5700 XT, i7-3770k

Three Identical Monitors (1920x1080 resolution) hooked up to 5700 XT via Displayport to HDMI Conversion Cables

Fresh Windows 10 Install

Fresh Assetto Corsa Install

Fresh Driver Install (and I've repeatedly installed/uninstalled the same 4/2/2020 Adrenalin drivers)

My desired resolution is 5760x1080. When I try to play this game with Triple Screen Render, it only shows up as one screen. When I attempt to launch the game with EyeFinity, it only allows me to use the resolution of 5760x931 (which is too short) and the screens don't line up. Obviously, I really want 5760x1080 but at this point I am desperate and I will settle for 5760x931 as long as the screens line up. I've done a lot of searching, youtubing and guide reading but nothing seems to apply specifically to my situation of the game I play with the graphics card I am using with the current set of drivers. My only OTHER idea is to possibly install older drivers. Please help me!

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