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AMD 560 weird visual glitches

hey guys, i got this 560 off of my brother and Ive been using it but this odd visual thing has been happening in several games, like Skyrim, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Elden ring. Im only providing examples from Skyrim since this is where it's most frequent and i forgot to screenshot examples from the other games mentioned Skyrim Special Edition 11_4_2022 7_04_27 am.pngSkyrim Special Edition 6_2_2022 6_29_53 pm.png

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i forgot to mention i am very new to pc and GPU stuff, i usually only tamper with settings if needed, so  please be patient with me as i probably wont understand advance terms 


Do the glitches happen from the beginning? Or after certain time of playing the games?

Are Windows and your AMD drivers updated?

What are the maximum temps you are hitting while playing?

You can use AMD´s Adrenalin software to check the temps:


in skyrim they start doing freaky **bleep** as soon as i start,  but for other games like sekiro or elden ring they'd start after 30 or 40 minutes i think. for the driver i am sure that its up to date, windows haven't upgraded to 11

for temperature, i checked when playing skyrim and its 58 c


Try underclocking the GPU 5% with MSI Afterburner and see if it doesn't happen anymore.


i tried lowering the clock slider and the problem still persists, sir. tho i probably dont know how low should i go

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I am having the same issue. Did u fix yours 


Not yet


Can u keep me updated please and when u figure it out let me know 


didnt think others are having the same problem. good to know im not aloe, alright i'll be sure to let you know


Well, my card is 570rx 8 gb, so i have enough memory, i bought it in internet shop, so may be there are already was bugs, but about 2 years, i not often play games, but i played "Days gone" ok full game, though with crashes (i don't know, may be it killed my card). When i began play RDR2 all was ok on max settings, but after day of playing that's began... I installed specilally God Of War just to se if it will bug too and yes -same bug. I don't know, ididn;t make something special, but i reinstalled rdr2, firdt time small bugs still was there are, but at the moment all goes to ok. Not long i played after this, but when i again sit on the game after some hours i get those glithes. And it;s not weirdest thing that happen - there are "water bug" about you can read in google, that really fu..k my game. So, guess, may be, it's temperature, though i did stress tests and nothing bad was. Anyway card is very hot when touch it. I would be very glad if it;s not card problem, but tryed many ways to do something, now i really don't know what to do. Now playing foootball on max, all goes ok. but it's just a football... Can't get answer from rockstar support.


I presume by AMD 560 you are talking about AMD RX560 GPU card?

If so try installing the oldest Previous driver from AMD Download page and see if the same artifacts occurs from here:

The last previous driver is dated 09/21/2021. If the games work without artifacts then update use the latest Previous driver and see if the same problem occurs.

This is just to eliminate the latest AMD Driver causing the problems.


I did all of that and still am having issues 


i tried and it still occursSkyrim Special Edition 14_4_2022 10_26_59 am.png


Then I suggest you stress test your GPU and see if the same thing occurs. You can use OCCT which has a GPU stress test and also a test to check your GPU vRAM.

See if you get artifacts running the Stress test or not.


been testing abit, after stress testing the artifacting (finally i now know the specific term for it) has been reduced but it does still happen. how long do i have to stress test and what else do i do? 


Since you already install previous AMD Drivers plus also using the latest AMD version that seems to eliminate the Graphics driver from causing the artifacts.

Also since the artifacts are occurring during the Stress test then it isn't a game related issue.

GPU artifacts can be caused by Overheating, Improper Overclocking, PSU power issues, Defective GPU card, Driver issues.

In OCCT what are the Temperatures during the stress test of the GPU card and PSU Outputs (3.3/12.0/5.0 VDC) and GPU fan speed?

I would run the test for at least 10-15 minutes as long as it isn't overheating. Also run the PSU test and see if the Artifacts are worse or the same.

You can try to undervolt the GPU card using Radeon Tuning feature and see if that fixes the problem or not.

I would open a Support ticket with the manufacturer of your GPU card if it is still under Warranty and ask them if they believe the GPU card is defective or not.  If not under Warranty they might still guide you on what to do.



i dont think its defective, My brother told me that when he used the card there was no artifacting, none at all

Okay that is one important fact you failed to mention before. Since your GPU card worked fine in another computer than that means there is something in your computer causing the GPU card to produce artifacts.

Did you check your PSU outputs while testing with OCCT if that was done?



Same problem here, looks like RDR2  just overcharged my card. Still though less cool-graphic games go well. I think about how to slow down a bit my card and increase coolers. Anyway, i have no idea, what else can cause those glitches. 



i tried to install it but the download always fails or not make progress