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Journeyman III

6500XT sound hiccups when moving the mouse or a window while a media file or stream is played.


I have bought a Sapphire 6500 XT shortly before the summer, to replace my dead R9 280, and always had this weird issue since day 1, which was never fixed by the updates, my PC is tied to a TV via HDMI.

When I play a movie in VLC or a YouTube video on a web browser, and I mess around with other windows, I have short sound hiccups (the sound is lost for like half a second), which can get annoying in the long run, it can even happen when I'm playing a movie in VLC fullscreen, just by moving the mouse, but if I do nothing, it doesn't happen.

Fun fact though : it does it only on Windows (10), my PC has a dual boot with Manjaro Linux (free drivers), and it doesn't happen on Manjaro, everything runs normal, no matter how many windows are playing sound... so I bet it's a Windows-specific driver issue.

My specs :

i5 2500K @4Ghz, on a ASUS P8Z77-V LX2 motherboard
32Gb DDR3 1600Mhz
RX 6500 XT on a Sony Bravia 32w4000 via HDMI
Windows 10 (last updates)/Manjaro Linux 

Thanks for any help.

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Journeyman III

/Sounds/ like we have the same issue. (Roughly)
I'm using a 5600x and a 6950 XT, Win10.

I've noticed if I have a game running in the background (with sound on,) and I scroll through the Win10 Facebook app, or if I'm using YouTube, and make the controls appear on the video by mousing over it, I notice this CONSIDERABLE stutter.

Not only does the sound hiccup, (which is annoying,) but it feels like the video processing might as well. Causing maybe just a micro-stutter in the video output. (Video output as in, what's displaying on my monitor.)

I'm not pushing my 6950 XT all that hard, my game in the background is running at 60 FPS, and I only have a 60hz monitor.

Reinstalling drivers, over and over, even audio ones, have not proved successful.
I even increased my minimum core clock on my card which proved helpful ONCE. Then after a restart it hasn't performed the same way since.

I did notice though, that I uninstalled my AMD audio drivers and got the basic Win10 ones, with the increase of minimum clock speed, and that's what worked. It looks like I have AMD audio drivers again, so this could be the issue.

I'll retry my findings and get back to you.

EDIT: Yeah basic Win10 audio drivers didn't do anything.