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Adept I

AMD and Nvidia GPU in same system

Good afternoon ppl!

I am writing you because I am facing a peculiar situation, I am a senior graphics programmer, and mostly worked on Nvidia hardware for the majority of my career, (mostly due to having to use Cuda too).

Now as a personal project I would like to study more AMD GPUs, for pure programming goals, not gaming, so I can disassemble my shaders and having fun optimizing for GCN.

I was thinking to pick up a rx580 GPU and plug it into my existing system, I don't want to build a whole new system for that. I currently run a gtx1080 which would be my main drive, for both work and gaming.

From the look of it, it seems I should be able to have both GPU in the system, I would like firstly to double check with you guys.

Secondly, can I get away with one monitor only? Let me explain, what If I plug my gtx1080 with display port and my rx580 through HDMI on the same monitor when I need to do AMD stuff I just switch the monitor input, will windows just nicely

start using whatever card is outputting at the screen?

By googling I found some people that used it in a similar way but with two monitors and dragged the game on the monitor they wanted to use the card. As of now, I have a really nice single monitor, I would like to figure out if I will also need

to buy a second monitor.

Does anyone have any info on the matter?

best regards.

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