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Journeyman III

Zoom Video sharing Black Screen

I have just purchased an All in on PC from Lenovo with AMD Graphics installed.

My problem is when sharing video from a Web browser during a Zoom meeting that the picture on the receiving pc is black but with sound.

Searching Google this seems to be quite a common issue but pretty much all state to adjust the Nvidia graphics with a few saying press a few tick boxes here and there but to no avail.

Any legends out there that can help with potential graphics settings I would be truly grateful!


A very frustrated dad living in the middle east trying to watch Peppa pig with his kids in the UK 🤣

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Journeyman III

Re: Zoom Video sharing Black Screen

i think its a zoom issue not your PC or graphic card just re install zoom and check it . once i am talking to my client regarding expats in saudi arabia and we also face the same issue at same time. solution of this matter is just re install zoom.