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Adept I

Why there is no response from AMD team?

So many people on this forum have been complaining that they've driver issues on new windows 10 1903, none of the AMD people bothered to look at it let alone solve it. What's up with this attitude guys? Do you really want people to get pissed? I can literally go on and post the same thing 100 times daily, you'll end up blocking me. Then I'll go on posting it on reddit and tag you. This is no way to treat your customers.

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Take the time to know who you are talking to. Nobody here is a engineer and no one here can fix your problem. Clear?

This is a user to user



This is a user to user English language only Support Forum. Information or opinions contained in any posts are those solely of the user making the post and are in no way validated by, or the opinions of, AMD, including our moderators. Use of any information on this board is done so AT YOUR OWN RISK and all information is provided "AS IS" and without any warranty, express or implied. 

There are many ways to contact AMD with your issue:

Online Service Request | AMD 

I get the feeling you have been considered a spammer before?

Fist let me start by saying that many of the changes 1903 brought are brought by MS and many of those issues have been fixed by the last 3 cumulative roll-ups released. Yes some issues have been fixed by drivers too even by AMD already. Yes many issues still exist. So I would not say nothing has been done, but I absolutely feel your frustration on the issue. Unfortunately AMD does not develop their drivers for unreleased versions of Windows. They seem to take a reactive approach of fixing the issues once the Windows version hits the masses. Nvidia by contrast does usually have the drivers working and released on the fast track of unreleased Windows versions. So by the time they hit the masses,  their drivers are a bit more mature and have fixed more of the issues that Microsoft has been ever increasing, with each new release of Windows. There have been 4 major graphical subsystem changes since Windows 10 came on the scene. By contrast the graphical sub-sytem barely changed beyond the dropping of GDi and other more evolutionary advancements in standards, between XP and Windows 8.1. So MS really is the creator of these messes. This doesn't however absolve AMD from not doing a better job where they can.  

kingfish is very much trying to help you and he is correct. There are 2 AMD mods here in the 2 regular non-pro graphics side. They are support personnel but not on the driver engineering or hardware team to my knowledge. They can only pass along what they see here to engineering in pretty much the same  way you could by using the AMD contact link.  Them participating in these forums is like a one out a hundred thing. They don't read anywhere near every post a rarely get involved beyond a post breaking terms of service or if their name gets mentioned by a user and they choose to get involved in a thread. I have seen literally less than a couple handfuls of times them get involved on different thread each where they send stuff to engineering without someone intentionally making sure they get brought into the dialogue. So when you say you are not talking to another user but to AMD then you might honestly just as well be talking to a wall. These forums are USER TO USER support only. As already mentioned it says this in the links in the forum headers. 

I will disagree slightly with how what was said earlier was said. There are not many ways to get a hold of AMD there is just one I know of. There however are many ways to link to that same dialogue as pointed out, whether you go through Radeon Settings linkm, the contacts page or any other link that takes you to the online support request. The following is the ONLY WAY TO TALK TO AMD: Online Service Request | AMD 

Trust me I too wish they took part in this forum. I also have had less then stellar results in them answering the online service requests they are supposed to answer. Luckily for AMD this online community does a better job of support much of the time then they do. Unfortunately we just can't help when drivers are truly broken an no known work around exists to offer as a way to deal with issues. We also can't fix bad hardware. In those cases you are again at the mercy of this link: Online Service Request | AMD   

Be courteous to the people that answer here. We do our best and we sure are not paid or compensated in any way to do it. We do it truly to help each other. 

Do remember though if you bought your card from an AMD partner like XFX, ASUS, Gigabyte, Saphire, etc.....

They all have a support staff too you may contact. 

Good Luck. 

Community Manager

Off topic posts have been removed. 

As mentioned by Pokester you can open a service request or provide the important information required when posting a question and we will try to help you with your issue. 


OK, what about people who literally have been posting about the issue? 

I had to do this, OK?


Since you are aware of these other threads you might want to do the community a service and give them the information you were just given to contact AMD support. The more support requests they get of the same kind the more they realize it is a wide spread issue and not an isolated user issue.