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Journeyman III

What thermal pads should I buy for the AORUS RX580?

 What thermal pads should I buy for the AORUS RX580?

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Why do you need to change the Thermal pads on your RX 580? Is it overheating?

If your GPU card is still under Gigabyte Warranty I would suggest opening a Gigabyte Warranty Ticket to have your GPU card repaired.  If you try to replace the Thermal pads yourself  or even open the GPU card while under Warranty if will void your Gigabyte Warranty on the GPU card.

Gigabyte has a 3 year warranty on all GPU cards. You can open a ticket from here: Warranty - GIGABYTE U.S.A. 

If your GPU card is not under Warranty then see YouTube video on how to correctly open your Auros GPU card: Gigabyte RX580 8GB Teardown - YouTube 

This previous thread at Reddit a User was asking the same questions. They is what he found out: