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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Warzone lag 5700XT

So I am very new to PC gaming and still learning all the ins and outs of working a gaming rig. I installed the latest version of windows and drivers for my graphics. I have a Ryzen 7 3600 with a RX 5700 XT, 16GB RAM, 1TB. I played WZ with no issues in the past but recently have been experiencing so much stutter and lag (orange boxes on the left side of the screen indicating packet loss or burst) that the game is almost unplayable. Is there any setting that i can do to fix it? I even tried going into the file itself and dropping the VRAM from the standard 0.85 to 0.55 as I've heard that works but unfortunatly that didnt work for me. If anyone knows, please help!

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Re: Warzone lag 5700XT

Did you update your drivers? If so, use the previous one that worked but use DDU to uninstall them in safe mode, then reinstall. If that's not the issue, check the game files for corruption using I guess Steam? or Whatever launcher you use. Also, check temps see if it's overheating. Sorta need more info than this, but there's a few ideas. Hint: driver 20.8.3 is pretty decent.

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