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Journeyman III

Unexplained PC(New Build) Crashes

(This is a copy of from another forum trying to figure all this out. I was told by Microsoft support to contact Manufactures.)

So to start off with, the PC is a New Build, Specs are :

CPU -AMD Ryzen 7 2700x 3.7GHZ
RAM -2 Sticks of 8g ddr4 3000mhz
GPU -EVGA RTX 2070 XC Ultra Super
PSU - Seasonic 750w Prime 80plus Titanium
MOBO-Asus Prime x470-PRO
CPU Cooler -DEEPCOOL Captain 240 EX
Case -Fractal Meshify C

TL;DR at bottom

After I first booted the PC and installed windows, I proceeded to install all the updates I could think of. I updated Windows till I couldn't update any longer. I downloaded the newest Graphics drivers, then I found the news BIOS version and flashed the BIOS. After all that, I started to install games. The first one I got to play was Borderlands 3 (Which I have read that many ppl have optimization problems with, but this goes beyond one game). I got to play for about 20-30 minutes, then the game crashed. I proceeded to reboot the game and it followed with even shorted times between crashes till it finally rebooted my PC. I then, after a time to allow my time to cry(PC to cool), installed No Man's Sky to see if it was the game or my system. I got the same results. I then did some research. Which had me download some programs.

I installed Core Temp, and EVGA Presision x1 and started monitoring my CPU and GPU temps. Highest CPU Temp I have seen was 51c. Highest GPU temp I saw was 81c. I continued to monitor these thinking it had to be a heat issue. I stopped booting BL3 as the game crashes in seconds now. I instead tried NMS. I got a good 5 minutes of solid play, and noticed the CPU temps stayed in the mid 40s and the GPU temp between 60-70. The GPU memory was around 7k MHz. The GPU clock was showing 1900 MHz. It then crashed and gave me a generic error telling me to visit their site. I spent the next 30 minutes trying to figure out the problem was, and tried one last game.

I tried a less resource heavy game, WoW Classic. I didn't see a difference in temps nor usage, yet I was greeted by a reboot. I have no idea if its a heat problem, bad hardware, faulty software, or a power issue. The PCI-E cable I have to my GPU is a 6pin and 8pin(6+2). The install manual was showing me a input cable that I didnt have(Something to do with the 8 pin having a barn looking hexagon on top of another hexagon on the +2 part, but I only have cable that are square on top of hexagon) , so I used one of the 5 PCI-E cable my PSU gave me.

So I have no idea if that could be it. If you couldn't tell by my explanation of PCI-E cables there at the end, I am not that knowledgeable about these things.

TL;DR- PC crashes/ Reboots. Have newest Graphic drivers, Windows updates, and BIOS updates. Thinking its heating issue. Have monitored temps and from my knowledge, and they are in acceptable range.

ADDED: I now have had my first crash while not gaming. Also I read someone's comment on another post about resetting gpu and RAM. So while doing so, I took my cooler off my cpu to see what the factor paste looked like and saw what looked like a electrical arc of sorts, like current trying to cross between two points. Also the paste on my CPU looked a bit dry and cracked. This doesn't seem healthy.

Thank you for any assistance you may lend

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It certainly doesn't sound good that you observed what appeared to be an electrical arc with the cooler removed?  Did you remove the cooler with the PC running or still plugged in?

I'm not as familiar with the NVidia Turing line, or any NVidia GPU in general, but AMD GPUs typically perform better if individual PCIe cables are use for power delivery to the GPU.  From the PSU you can run one cable for the 6-pin, and another separate cable for the 8-pin.   


Sorry, the computer was unplugged and powered down. The arc I refer to is not a electrical arc, but what looks like almost a current burn mark. The ones that look like a tree. Sorry for the bad description. 


Yeah, that doesn't sound great.  Does any component appear scored?  It sounds like there is a short somewhere, and you'll need to localize it to know which part is faulty.  The motherboard is the most common culprit, but there should be electrical scoring near the connection that is causing the problems.


The PCI-E cable I have to my GPU is a 6pin and 8pin(6+2). The install manual was showing me a input cable that I didnt have(Something to do with the 8 pin having a barn looking hexagon on top of another hexagon on the +2 part, but I only have cable that are square on top of hexagon) , so I used one of the 5 PCI-E cable my PSU gave me.

Can clarify that statement you originally made?

Did the cable from the PSU connector to GPU connector match each other?  Square to square and hex to hex?  Or did you force the cable to match?

This is from EVGA GPU Manual:

Square hole connector have different electrical connections than the Hex hole connectors.

If you forced the wrong type of 6 or 8 pin PSU cable on your GPU card you may have caused a shorted condition to occur.

When I got my GPU card I needed to order a adapter that would fit on the GPU card from my PSU cable.


There was no forcing of pci-e cables. At this point, I am going to uninstall Graphic drivers with the DDU and reinstall in safe mode. If that doesn't work, I am taking it to a local computer repair shop tomorrow. 

Journeyman III

You solved the problem? i have the same and cant solve

change the psu bios updates now want to buy more ram coz have 8 ... what to you mean ?


Have the same issue aswell, difference is, that I have the Rx5700XT. Started installing borderlands and it crashed just like with you, cant play any heavy game at all, only cs, the rest just crashes to desktop without an error. 

One thing you can try that worked for me one day, is to put your GPU into the 2nd PCI lane and undervolt it, too. That worked for me one day, but now I have the same shitty problems again


I found the problem have ro change in AMD software the mhz


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>Re: Unexplained PC(New Build) Crashes in General Discussion

Journeyman III

I'm having the same problem I've tried almost everything but mine is situation is taht i installed a new used gpu Radeon 580 before that i had a GTX 750Ti after installing the new GPU i started crashing like crazy i contacted AMD support but the dude kept telling me to install early drivers like when 19.12.3 was out he said to install .19.12.2 and when i crashed on that he said to install 19.12.1 and it crashed and by the time i wrote him an email 20.1.1. was out and he told me to install that one but with 20.1.1 he crashing became unstoppable now I'm playing with 19.12.2 and still crashing but i can't do anything cause the tech guy is not answering my emails.

tech guy's name is Padmanab