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Journeyman III

Under heavier load, everything outside main game crashes temporarily

Hello, I've never had such problem before and I've tried looking up google and other various places but failed to find an answer. Moving to I'll explain the issue.

I play games, lots of games so I recently decided to do an upgrade, but it didn't go as flawlessly as I wanted it to go.

Whenever I play something a bit more demanding (Like Final Fantasy XIV or World of Tanks on max graphics), everything outside of the game starts being unresponsive, for example - Discord crashes, I'm disconnected from voice (uncrashes when I alttab), Teamspeak I can't talk, but I can hear others. Often my 2nd monitor just blackscreens until the load is off or I alttab. It doesn't happen with all games but it happens with most games.

I really want to solve this issue because playing with friends without comms becomes annoying quickly.

I upgraded to:
RX 580 (8GB)

2x250SSD (one M.2)

2x8GB RAM (3GHz)

ASUS B450M-K motherboard

Ryzen 5 2600

650W PSU


Primary: AoC G2590FX (144Hz)

Secondary: some random Acer AL1751

I was on Windows 7 before, but now I'm on windows 10.

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