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Journeyman III

Threadrippers. Picking right RAM.

Hello guys

Im pretty stuck on that stage. I see a lot of people have problems if they doesnt pick compatible RAM sticks for threadrippers, so im trying to avoid that problem for my build.

I can look what RAM are "ready for 2nd/3nd gen Ryzen" on AMD site.

But i also can look at my motherboard QVL list.

The problem is on AMD list its literally just a few tested brands and sticks. While on motherboard QVL list are huge.

Which one i should trust?

I already try to check both lists, but with no luck, actually. But im on a budget so a cant afford really pricey RAM like from top of the line fort certain brandsm maybe there some RAMs which are in both lists are exist. 

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Go with the motherboard QVL list.

It's RAM that has actually been tested with that board and will also list speeds and supported number of sticks.

You can also go to the RAM Manufacturer and see if the RAM you are interested in purchasing is compatible with the Motherboard and Ryzen you have.

Generally, the QVL lists are out-dated and doesn't show the latest RAMs that are compatible. But the QVL List is the best way to purchase compatible RAM since as Fyre noted they have been tested by the Motherboard Manufacturers.

Journeyman III

Well, i will stick to motherboard QVL and will try to look what RAM manufacturer says if he have that information.
Thank you for answers gentelmens

I have tested my G. Skill Flare X on a TRX40 board and it POSTed  fine. My friend bough the 16GB variants which also work on my X570 as well. 8x16GB is a pile of franklins.