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Journeyman III

Switching between 2400G APU and a discrete GPU

I want to build a Windows 10 based Gaming HTPC with the capability to run desktop applications or video playback using the APU, and can automatically switch to the discrete PCIe GPU (Radeon R9 Fury) while gaming

My questions:

  • Is it even possible?
  • Which BIOS settings should be adjusted?
  • Is there a software (or option in the drivers or windows) to assign applications / games to the GPU of my choice?
  • Should the HDMI cable be connected to the motherboard port or the PCIe GPU? or will I have to switch between them? (I hope not)

Please advice ... Thanks

2 Replies

Switchable graphics is not supported.

You would be manually switching between the two.

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Switchable graphics surfaced with Vista when discrete graphics were common as integrated ones from Intel were pathetic. The idea was to use integrated on battery and the discrete when plugged in.

Today machines like mine have a BIOS switch to select which to use. It's even possible to have both active.

When i first upped the R5 2400G box I used the integrated graphics as it was more powerful than the GTX 750 I had handy,

I then grabbed a GTX 1060 which is more powerful and when I installed it the BIOS automatically changed the graphics properly. I removed the Radeon drivers even though there were not problematic.

It's not such a good idea to use dual graphics today. Only one game ever supported it, Ashes of the Singularity.