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Adept I

Suggested minimum and maximum gpu for 4k editing in 10 bit colour with open GL and casual gaming in 1080p?

Build im purchasing - EIZO 10 bit display 4K, corsair 850 watt psu, ryzen 9 3950 x, 64GB Corsair ram, x570 MSI motherboard, some water radiator cooling and a high airflow case corsair

I have already purchased the monitor, case, motherboard, psu and cpu. Just a few things to go and im done.

I dont have enough knowledge or experience to properly assess which graphics card will suffice for my application.

I was considering the radeon pro wx 7100 but wondering if that is either overkill or not enough.

I will be running a true 10 bit display from EIZO.

My applications are all adobe. I play gears 5 occasionally but happy to run that at 1080p

I'm currently working off a Dell XPS 15 I9 9980HK 4k wled panel machine. It runs games ok mostly but sometimes struggles. Very poor 4k playback but editing is ok.To view 4k you need to minimise the player right down so the graphics card which is built in to the cpu doesnt melt.

I bench marked system on

Graphics its a surfboard. (Up to 16%) One above a log @ 0% Workstation its a nuclear submarine 92%.

Id like to keep the nuclear submarine capability (hence the ryzen 9 3950x) and upgrade the graphics to minimum 70% which would be a battleship on their scale

What would you buy?

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A WX 7100 is essentially an Expensive RX 480... and realistically unless you plan on doing 3D Engineering or High-End Compute, a Workstation Card is essentially a waste of money.

Now if you're looking for something that can do Real-Time 4K Editing., honestly the Graphics Card doesn't matter much, as the CPU tends to be more heavily taxed by most Editing / Production Software.. and in such a case, what you realistically want are as many Cores as you can possibility afford.

While the Ryzen 9 3950X is a High-Performance Desktop CPU., honestly you'd be better off looking at the Threadripper 3960X, 3970X or 3990X... and while the 3950X might be "On Par" in terms of Core/Thread Count to the TR 2950X, keep in mind that even that will provide better performance in Production Editing Software (like Adobe Premier Pro, or Sony Vegas).

In essence what I'm saying... instead of spending £700 on a CPU and £1,800 on a GPU., reverse that; and spent that on your CPU/Motherboard/RAM (I'd highly recommend ECC System RAM if you're doing more than Gaming., trust me; you'll value the added Stability), then get an RX 5700 XT or Radeon VII instead. 

In fact, consider that the Radeon VII is just a Radeon Instinct MI50 with Retail Branding and Display Ports... I mean you do technically loose the FP64 Support (which still doesn't make any sense to me, as it's not like they released a Vega 2nd Gen Workstation Card that it would be competing with).

The Radeon VII is "Gaming Capable" but realistically it's for Production / Content Creation workloads, the positioning and branding of it as a "Gaming Card" was just silly; as it meant AMD couldn't charge the £800 - £1,000 they realistically should've been for it to be a profitable endeavour... and it's not like they stripped it of 8GB VRAM to cut production costs by £180, to where they could've sold it a little cheaper and made a profit. 

But, eh ... the odd Business Choices of AMD aside, I think a Threadripper 3970X w/Radeon VII and 64 - 128GB ECC RAM would be ideal for your needs; both now with 4K HDR10 Editing., but also in terms of the future 5K/6K/8K HDR Editing (up to 16bit Per Channel). 

I really appreciate that detailed response. Luckily the parts I have already bought can be returned free of charge. Using the ECC ram is proving a challenge to spec the right motherboard. But we will prevail! I'll report back once built and let you know how the build goes and what parts I used etc.

The X570 can handle 16GB memory sticks so you can have 64GB easily. 32GB memory sticks are not well qualified for AMD machines yet.

The CPU you are looking at is overkill in my opinion. Better to get the RX 5700 XT which will make you happy with a 4K panel. 

I have been using 4K for a quite a while and I currently have an RX 480 8GB which can handle the panel using HDR10 and 4:4:4 chrominance.

Wow I could not have said this better myself. I totally agree that the more threads you can throw at rendering the better. So buy as much as you are willing to spend. I would definitely go Threadripper if you can. You will also have more PCIe lanes which you can utilize with high end storage options and add-on processing cards if the OP ever goes that route. On the GPU side the OP might also want to take into consideration what features you will use and how Adobe utilizes it as well as any other Plugins you might currently or want to use. There are plenty of reviews showing what how gpu's from red and green team perform, and depending on what you do one may be better than the other. So when spending that kind of money make sure that you put performance and stability first. For the same reasons as suggesting ECC ram, finding a trouble free GPU that just works at default settings is very nice too. Speaking of ECC the Workstation GPU's also have ECC and that is part of what makes them better but also pricier. 

A couple of good articles I found. 

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